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Animate - HTML5 Banner Advertising in Adobe Animate.

Introduction - Making HTML5 Banner Ads

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 1 of 53

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This course is for visual, creative people who need to start making HTML5 banner ads. I made this course for people that are struggling to get their heads around the new world of HTML5 advertising. This course is step by step with exercise files. I’ve saved a copy of each Adobe Animate file after every video so if you get lost you can compare your files to my completed files. At the end you’ll be able to create, test and upload standard banner ads.

This course is perfect for people completely new to the digital advertising world. We’ll cover all the basics. It’s also great for people who previously worked in Adobe Flash to produce SWF advertising.

Because this is such a new industry I’ll be around to help you with any questions. Use the forums on the pages and I’ll respond.

Thanks for considering my course. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you. Simply sign up, try it out and if you’re not happy I’ll refund you no problem. - Dan.

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This course is for people that are struggling with the world of html 5 banner ads, it’s a bit of a mixed up world at the moment so I'm going to iron it all out and show you exactly step by step what to do.

I built this course for the visual person, for the right brain person, we’ll look at the design side with all the features that you can and cant do with html 5. Well look at file size and how to keep it nice and small and well go through all of the publishing which is probably the most tricky for people that are self taught. To go out to all the different ad networks, including things like Google double click, the Google Adwords GDN network and Sizmek

Now this course is not for coders or developers. This is for creative, for the visual people, for the designers, if you want to make some beautiful banner ads that work, follow me.