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Animate - HTML5 Banner Advertising in Adobe Animate.

The Various Ways to Create HTML5 Banner Ads

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 7 of 53

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In this episode we'll look at the various ways to create HTML5 Banner Ads.

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So what other ways can you build HTML5 banner ads? So were going to do in this course, adobe animate and that in my professional opinion is the one that’s going to be the industry standard, its not quite perfectly industry standard yet but adobe are putting their weight behind it. They used to have it with flash so I imagine this is going to be the biggest product. So it’s adobe animate. You can still use the legacy one, remember edge animate. The one that’s been discontinued, you can totally do that. I was teaching people how to do banner adds for a long time, for the last year or so before it got discontinued.  And it works fine, so those are great for visual people. If you're a graphic designer or a web designer or a visual person you're going to have to use some of those helpful animation products. Another one of those is Google web designer or GWD. That is made by Google, it’s good, it’s quite similar to edge animate and adobe animate. The only problem with it is that it’s very specific for the Google network.



So if you're only doing ads for Google double click or adwords and that’s it, then that might be the product for you. Its pretty good, I've played with it, I haven’t used it as much as some of the adobe products though. So that might be a product for you, its just a bit of a pain when you want to go off and do it for sizmek or any of the other ad networks or any of the other ad networks that you might be doing it to. Google web designer, check that one out.



If you're more of a coder or a developer then you're going to be using something like, you'll want to do it in pure codes. You'll want to open up a text editor and you want to start typing and doing that, the syntax for it rather than animating it on a timeline you'll want to look at something like green sock, like your shoe and your sock so green sock. So it also gets called green sock animation platform. Or GSAP gets referred to quite a bit. That’s the way to do the exact same thing as were doing here in animate but only doing it in code. Another way of doing that exact same thing in code is maybe create JS, so create JS is another way to do it in code so you want to go off and see if you can find those sorts of things if you’d rather do it in code. Now I'm talking really fast because I've had a big coffee and I will slow down for the next video I promise. Lets move on to that one now.