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Animate - HTML5 Banner Advertising in Adobe Animate.

Publishing Adobe Animate to Sizmek

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 52 of 53

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Hi, in this video we're going to look at publishing to Sizmek. Now, these guys have made it the easiest for Adobe Animate. Adobe Animate is quite new to the industry, and they've gone and made some really cool stuff for it already. A lot of the other ad network will hopefully come through and do the same thing to make it as easy as these guys have.

So, first thing you need to do is you need to find out this, it's on one of their Help Center pages, it’s all about how to use it with Adobe Animate CC. Up on a link, and the description is on this page. What happens is, you can read what it needs to-- really, what you need to do is download the starter kit, and I've included it in your exercise files, it's version 1 now. Double check, come back to this page to check you're not in another version. This is there as a demo I guess, it's probably going to get updated reasonably quick.

When it does download-- I want to find my exercise files, under 'Favorites', 'Desktop', 'Exercise Files', and there is this one in here called Sizmek. Double click it, open it up, and there's two parts, this is the Code Snippets, and this is our Template. 

To install the Code Snippet for the ClickTag, so what we're going to do is we'll pick our file, actually we'll use this one again, and I'm going to call this one-- So I've got this guy, now, for this one to work what we need to do is we do need the button, so in a new layer, I'm going to call this one my 'Click Through'. Grab the button. Doesn’t matter what colour he is because it's going to get turned off. Select it, 'Modify', 'Convert to Symbol'. Make sure it's a button, call this one button, and this is going to be click through, 'btn_click-through'.

Open up the button, I'm inside the button now, I'm going to drag the up, click, hold, drag, so it’s always just on the head, it's not here, it only appears on the head. Get back to my Scene1 by double clicking on the background, or clicking on Scene1. Now with this selected, I'm going to go to 'Window', 'Actions'. I'm going a bit fast now because we've done this a few times, and I'm going to go to Code Snippets. By default you won't have this one. So what you need to do then is to go to 'Options', 'Import Code Snippets XML', find the file under 'Exercise Files', or the ones you've downloaded, and Sizmek, there it is there. I'll click 'Open', and what will happen, this will magically appear, and the cool thing about this is this thing is it’s going to apply the code to this button. Problem with this button though is I haven't given it an instance name, I'll make sure I'll call this one button, and this is going to be click, 'btn_click'.

So, with this selected, double click 'Clickthrough', and it adds my big huge bit of ClickTag. You may have noticed that I have my cursor towards the end here. It's more useful to have your key frame right back at the beginning here rather than where the Playhead was way down the end here. It would work, but it wouldn't load that action until later through the ad, which is not good. So we need to make sure that your key frame's right at the beginning, and that there's a little 'a' that indicates this action script there, because what will happen, if you click off, here's that missing row with other things, and you can never find that ClickTag again. The way to find it is to click back on the 'a', there he is there. I don't have to have it selected anymore. Just got to make sure that it's actually called that button, reference that button there. Awesome, so that's the ClickTag side of things done. 

Let's go and look at the Export, so, 'File', 'Publish', and we're going to go and check out the template. At the moment we're using the template that I made for Adwords, so I'm going to go to 'Import', 'New'. I'm going to go find the one that Sizmek has given me. We've already made one, we've made one for-- we made our own ones for DoubleClick and the GDN network, now I'm going to click 'Okay', and hit 'Publish', and happy days. That's the end of the publishing for Sizmek. You just got to make sure you zip it up and upload it to-- pass it on to whoever needs it now in terms of the ad buyers, or who is trafficking the ad folio. So it's these two. I zip them, compress them, and that's the bit I send off. Ours is nice and small because it's a really basic ad.

The other thing you need to make sure though, if you are using images, is to now go through and optimize them to get them as small as you can, and check with Sizmek to decide what their maximum file size is.

Alright, let's go into the next video.