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Before you get started with the Photoshop Advanced course

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, welcome to the course. First thing, we just need to get a few things ready before we start the course. First is, downloading the exercise files. So there'll be a link on this page here, to click and download the files that we'll use in this course. 

Another thing to consider here is, if you're using an earlier version of Photoshop. So this course was built in CC2018. So if you've got that or anything above that, 19, which is out really soon, it will work perfect. If you've got CS6 or CS5, a lot of the features aren't going to work here. So it's probably not going to be perfect for you. If you still want to do it, about, maybe about 60% of the course will totally work fine, but there's going to be chunks where it just relies on features that don't exist yet. 

The next thing here is, we just need to reset our Workspace, just so that we're all looking the same. So open up Photoshop, and up here, under 'Window' go to 'Workspace'. We're going to start with 'Essentials', and maybe go back into 'Window', 'Workspace', and just click 'Reset Essentials'. Then, just know that yours looks like mine. Up to you, you might have your own Workspace, but let's start off on the right foot. 

That's it for me, let's get started and actually start doing stuff in Photoshop.