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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced Training

Class Project 11 – Retouching in Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi, it is class project time. In your 10 Retouching folder there's another folder called Class project. Inside there is Retouch 1; Thank you, Nino Ubazle. In your Class projects, these are the three tools I want you to use to practice. So the Healing Brush, but not the Spot Healing Brush. Use the manual one, be intentional. Get used to that, setting targets if you haven't done that before. Making sure it's on our own layer, so that the retouching goes through to the bottom layer. 

You're going to have to use the Clone Tool Stamp, especially around, let's have a look. This part here, especially where the shirt kind of crosses over here, you're going to have to rotate it around a little bit as well to match it. Probably along the back here as well. That's going to be probably the toughest part. Other than that toughest part, going to use the Patch Tool, and that's going to be good for these larger chunks of the chain on the shirt here. 

So selections, and kind of move it in across. So the end result is, I'll remove some of the spots on his face. The chain gone, and that's it. I want to keep him quite natural, that is your job. I don't mind if you go a little overboard doing your practicing, or if you keep it super subtle, but I'd love to see what you do.

So the last step here is, share with, either via the assignments here or the comments, or hit me up on social media. Instagram, is bringyourownlaptop, just tag me in, I'll see it. I always comment, it's cool to see what people do. And that is us, let's get into the next video.