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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced Training

Class Project 18 - Fake 3D in Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hello, it is time for your project. Using the techniques we learned in the previous two videos, you can either hand draw it or you can use the Path option. I'd like you to create your own text. It can be a name, could be your age, like me, favorite food. Random word like cream, because you like the shape of it. 

In your 15 3D folder there's a class project folder. I've given you two backgrounds that you can use, up to you. You can find other ones on Unsplash or Pexel, or it can just be a plain background, maybe a gradient. But use the techniques you've learnt. 

Create something and send it to me, share it with everybody. Either in the assignments on this page, the comments, or share with me on social media. Remember, on Instagram I am bringyourownlaptop, on Twitter I am Danlovesadobe. Show me what you've made, let's get on to the next video.