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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced Training

Class Project 08 – Duotone in Adobe Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, it is class project time again. In your Exercise Files there's 06 Color, there's a class project folder. There's two images to work with, Duotone A and Duotone B. You can pick either of them, or both of them. And the rules are pretty easy, create the Duotone image, pick the colors any way you like, but I'd like there to be more than one shape used. We did the stripes in the last one, used circles, stars, zigzags. And make sure you share with me, either in the assignments here on this site, or with me on social media, so Twitter is danlovesadobe, or Instagram, is bringyourownlaptop. 

For ideas, jump on to be Behance. I typed in Duotone into the search, you can see lots of, kind of cool ideas for things. I remember that guy, seen him before, same with Dribbble. Both kind of inspiration sites for me. You can see, very different look. This one's very illustrative, has a lot of kind of UI elements to it, whereas Behance tends to get more into the print/photo retouching side of life. Behance is owned by Adobe. 

A cool little trick from Photoshop just in case you didn't know. Say you are working on it and you do have a Behance account, you should sign up. It's such an amazing place to have your portfolio work. I know, whenever I'm hiring a graphic designer or a web designer, I go to Behance to find people rather than looking in, like classifieds. I just look for Behance, because I know everybody on Behance, near enough is looking for work though. Freelancers, looking for side hustle jobs, and it has all that contact details there, and a good portfolio. 

You can go up to here, go to 'File', and you can go share on Behance. So once you've done your Duotone, you didn't have to, like save it out as a JPEG, and then log in to Behance, and then upload it, you can just click on this. And it uploads it magically, you can add a few details through Photoshop, and you don't even need to open Behance. 

Another weird little shortcut is this one here, this little Share button. This here, just says I'm going to add it to my Lightroom, I'm going to send it in an email. Again, it just saves the whole, saving a JPEG thing and storing it somewhere. The reason I don't use it very often is it doesn't have Instagram. It has Twitter and Facebook, Instagram are holding out. And their API just don't let people upload stuff that's not straight from their cell phone. there's no like desktop version of it, which is a pain. You could add to your Flickr account straight from here, that might be a little extra shortcut. Make a Duotone, and I will see you in the next video.