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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced Training

Class Project 21 – Mockups in Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hello, it is getting late in this course. And this is going to be our last class project. What I'd love you to do is go through stuff that you've made in this course, and pick one of the mock up ideas that we've gone through. The one that resonates most with you. I want to see one of the manual ones, rather than one of the ones from the market. You can definitely do those and send them to me, and share them, but I want to see one of the ones where you actually put some time in to create, or bend, or warp, or fake, but use some of your own graphics. 

It doesn't have to be stuff you've made from this course, maybe your own personal portfolio work. Maybe just a photograph that you like. When you're finished, send them to me, either in the assignments, the comments, or in social media. I get a real kick out of seeing what other people make. And if you send it to me, I'll know you made it to the end, or nearly the end. This is my largest course ever. If you're still here, I bet, you're one of the few. Share with me what you've made, and prove the last half of this course wasn't made in vain. 

You're here, you're learning, you're excited. Let's get into the last section of the course, okay, Exporting.