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Don’t forget about clone Tool Stamp in Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, this video is all about the Clone Tool Stamp. The Healing Brush is amazing but there's just times, especially along there, there's edges, like this nose ring here. We just need a little bit of Clone Tool Stamp help. If you already know how to use it there's a couple of little tips in here, that you might not know about so hang about. Let's go Clone Tool Stamping. 

Let's open up the 'Clone Tool 1'. So working on this image, there are parts of it that are going to be easy to do with a Healing Brush, but there's going to be some tough parts that are going to need some Clone Tool Stamp. So these spots here, Spot Healing Brush is going to be the one that I'm going to use. Just going to work on these. Now when you are working, remember, undo, make sure you got your own layer. You can touch, so you can kind of turn it off or adjust that later on. So here's perfect, and then we get to this nose ring, say we want to remove it. The trouble with it is, if I try and paint it out it's going to kind of get all milky and yuck across it. So I'm going to undo, let's start with the inside nose here. 

So the Clone Tool Stamp is like The Healing Brush we learnt in the last video. We can set a target, but instead of-- let's have a quick little look. If I set the target of the eye here and paint, watch this, when I paint, will finally go now, the Healing Brush would try and blend it in, whereas the Clone Tool Stamp does none of that. Basically just a copy and paste, but in a brush. So where this is helpful is, say along these edges here, it's very clear, I don't want it all milky and blended like the Healing Brush does. I want to set a target of say, maybe this nostril, and I want to paint it over here but you can see the angle's not right. And this is where, I guess the little trick, is for the Clone Tool Stamp. Is rotating it around, so in this clone source, you can go to 'Window', 'Clone Source'. There's an angle here, and you can drag this around. 

You can see, I can drag it left and right to try and get it so it lines up. There's a shortcut for moving it around. If you hold down the 'Option' key on a Mac, and 'Shift', or 'Alt' key on a PC, and 'Shift', and then tap the less than or greater than key (</>) to rotate it, you can see, up in my Clone Tool Stamp it's going in like little tiny increments. So if you need to do a big swipe, it's probably better just to drag it across here. You can see, I've kind of got it here, I'm just tapping it around. Hold it down even just to get it to where I want. And now even though I'm pulling from over here, hopefully, it's going to retain that edge. Maybe just going to paint in a bit of this. Same with this edge here, I'm going to, you can see, it remembers the rotations, that's not going to work. So you, doesn't really need to be rotated across here. I grab this part. That will rotate it. Always get the wrong way. Cool. A bit of that side as well. And the other parts are going to be just the Spot Healing Brush. 

It will do a great work of this in here, mostly. Paint it all out. Awesome. There's a bit there that I left behind. So it's a mixture of both, do I use the Clone Tool Stamp all the time? No, it's a-- once every now and again we'll do the same thing over here. I'll show you one last little trick, so I'm going to grab you. And I want to paint across this bit, needs to rotate just a bit, I can use my shortcut, but say it is like-- dragging this thing's a bit weird, you click, hold, and drag, and if you hold it for long enough and drag it, you can start to see what the original is being rotated with. It's hard to understand unless you're using it all the time. So just drag it one way, check it, drag it the other way, but what you can do is - I'm going to reset it. - if you do need to go in big increments, say you see a target for there, and it needs to go over here, what you can do is to click once in there, put it kind of where you need it to be, then hold 'Shift' and use your up arrow. And you can see, it's kind of moving across there. So holding up, it's moving in just bigger chunks. 

Is this faster? Not the angle that I picked. And it's not the right bit of the area, but I guess I just wanted to show you. I reset that, set my target. And it does need to go around a little bit. So remember, 'Option Shift', I'm using comma or the greater than. If you're on a PC, it's 'Alt Shift'. Going to paint across here, probably paint out a little bit as well. Another bit. Rotate it around a bit more. Close up the right angle now. I can kind of paint in here to a part. Same with it over here, I'm going to use a smaller brush. Down here, but it needs rotating. Grab that bit. Around a bit, turn around just to kind of go round that corner. And then, I'm going to zoom out, and probably need a bit of work on the hand as well where it joins the two. And because it's on its own layer, turn it on, turn it off, turn it on, turn it off. A little bit of work there that I want to go back and do. I hope you learned something new about the Clone Tool Stamp Let's get into the next video.