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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced Training

Advanced speed tricks for updating Artboards in Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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We're getting into the nitty-gritty. Let's get into some more advanced speed tricks for Artboards. I wasn't sure what to call this video, falling short on names. It's all just doing good things in Artboards. 

So let's start with the text. I grab the 'Type Tool', I am going to click, hold, and drag out a box. If you click, hold, and drag, it gives you a fixed width box. So we're going to say, 'New Adobe Illustrator Advanced Course'. Anyway, got some text. The shortcut for Photoshop, if you highlight the text, and go 'Command Shift' and use your period key or the full stop, that's 'Ctrl Shift'. Not sure what to call it, I call it full stop. I've been corrected lots on that. The period key, or the-- it's the greater than, it's the same. Down on your keyboard there. 

I've got a size, I'm going to pick a font, I'm going to use Roboto. I'll use Bold, I've spent a bit of time picking my font, maybe a little bigger. So what I want to do is try and save myself some time by doing some line breaks. Still doesn't look good. You get the idea, right? So with the Text Layer selected, so I've got it over here, I'm back on to my Move Tool, what you can do, is I'm going to go to my 'PS Advanced' libraries. With it selected here, you can hit this little '+', and you can say, actually I want the Character Style applied to Photoshop. You see him there. Let me give him a name, this is going to be my 'Title'. I'll call it H1, or something useful. And it means that later on, on a completely different document, or a different Artboard here, we're working away. 

And let's pretend like it's not the exact same size. And Font, I'm just picking something else, random. So that with that layer selected here, I can just click on this, and it goes and matches it. Better consistency across Artboards. Another one here, for like Ts and Cs, I got some text, random text that I typed in. I click once, paste it in, it's way too big. So with the layer selected, I can just click on this other one here. I've called it Roboto, but it's actually called Ts & Cs. So I've worked out what the minimum font size is that I need for my advertising, and I can put in my text. 

Now a little note is that, in both Illustrator and InDesign, right? Other Adobe products, they get used quite a lot, by graphic designers, all three of these products. But what both those other products have, which I'm hoping Photoshop will have real soon, so just in case it does already, often you can, say this Ts & Cs here, you've typed it out, you can select on it, and there's an option on it that says Add Text. Not the Character Style, not the Text Color, the actual physical text. 

The nice thing about that, means that, whatever document I'm in, in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, I could just drag it out here and have the text that I need, and then add a Paragraph Style to it. But know that it's in those other two products, which are quite handy if you're-- might be doing your ads in InDesign as well, or Illustrator. You'll have a nice snippet of text there, ready to go all the time. Maybe your address or email address group. You know, phone number, email address, physical address, that sort of stuff. Non Photoshop, just yet. 

Now the other little trick is, again, Artboards are messy in here, we knew the trick from before, it’s 'Command', and if you click the arrows, they all close, they will open. Another little trick is, up here where it says Kind, you can click on this one that says Artboard. And what it does is, it only shows you the active Artboards. So if I click in here it shows me this one. So just nice and tidy. But I go to here, watch what happens to my layers. I click this one on the top left, and I click in something in here. I'm going to click on something in the Artboard up here, and hold 'Command' and click on this logo. And because I've jumped to that one, you can see, it's only showing me just this fella. So much nicer way of working. 

Same if I click on the name at the top. Can you see, it just jumps to that Instagram logo. And there I can work on this one, this one here, just nice and tidy. You can turn it off by clicking 'Artboard' now, and go back to 'Kind'. You're welcome. 
All right, that's it for advanced speed tricks. Let's look at the last one, where we look at exporting Artboards.