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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced Training

Class Project 09 - Glitch Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, class exercise time. In your 06 Color, open up Class Project, and there's one there called Glitch Effect A. So like we did in the previous tutorial, I'd like you to experiment with the Smudge tool and the Liquify tool. 

So you separate them into two layers, red and cyan, or RGB, or CMYK, and do some distortions, but what I'd like you to do is actually add some type as well. So you type a Type layer, you duplicate it, just like we did the Image layer. So you'll have two Type layers, one will be red, one will be cyan, and do some distortions with that as well. 

It's all listed here in your Exercise Files. Make sure you share it with me. So I can see what you've done, give you a high five. Now you don't have to use that project file, you might go to Unsplash and find your own image. It'll look good in your portfolio. All right, on to the next video.