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Adobe Photoshop CC - Advanced Training

What’s next after your Photoshop Advanced course

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, welcome to the end of the course. I'm glad you made it, I nearly didn't, it's like a 100+ videos. It's a really big course because Photoshop is such a big product. There's so many kind of use cases for it so it deserves this many videos, but it's a long grind, you're here now, let's talk about what to do next. 

Leave me a review or a comment on how you enjoyed the course, what I could do better, that stuff helps. But in terms of your kind of professional development, what do you do next? Let's say you're a photographer, the next step for you would be something like Lightroom, if you're not already into that. If you're in the more Graphic Design fields, you might already have skills in say Illustrator or InDesign. So I've got advanced courses on those if you want to jump into those ones. 

If you are in the kind of Web UI world, or you want to get into that world, something like Photoshop, I've broken off a separate course for Photoshop for Web Design. It's a big enough course on its own and it goes through all the kind of considerations you need to become a Web Designer using Photoshop. You mock up websites, and yes, work with a developer to get them built. So that's Web Design, you can do the same thing in Illustrator. I've got Illustrator for Web Design course. It depends on where your skills lie. You end up at the same place, you end up with a mock up for an app or website. You just got to decide whether Photoshop or Illustrator is right for you. I've got courses on both of those. 

The next step after that would be something like XD. Now what is XD? XD is Adobe's User Xperience or UX Design tool. It allows you to do a lot of the same things you do in say something like Illustrator, to design an app or a website, but the cool thing about it is that it adds a level of interactivity. You get to kind of add clicks, and drags, and swipes, and stuff to really get things tested in design phase before you move into designing this thing. I've got courses on both of those. 

What else? If you enjoy the kind of Motion Graphics side, that might be your next step. So Motion Graphics is taking stuff we've made in Photoshop, which is static, and then moving it around. So type, animated, intro videos, that type of thing. Maybe animated infographics. Something like After Effects. Check out my Animated Infographic course for After Effects. That might be the next step. I find that really cool, I really love the, you know, taking the stuff we've made and then adding it to music, animations. They're such a good kind of place to do that. We have a home for that now, online with things like YouTube and websites. 

In terms of next step for video you might look at something like Premiere. Say you did the course and you really like the editing, remember my Talking Head video, we added a little intro the beginning. You can do that for a while but you'll get to a point you're like, "Man, I wish they had these extra features." And that's where something like Adobe Premiere would be useful. So check out that course. 

That is going to be it. It's really hot in here, that's why I'm sweating. A really long course. Thank you so much for doing it. I'll see you hopefully in another video. Goodbye, from sweaty Dan.