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Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training

Class Project 10 - Drippy Paint Text

Daniel Walter Scott

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It's homework time. Now this one is going to be cool, it could be a little time consuming. We just did a letter in the last video, I'd love you to use a full word. Use your name, or just a letter, or maybe a logo. Anything you like, there is an image you can use as the background. It's got some really cool shades in it. It's in your exercise files, it's called Paint Text 02 by Johannes Plenio. Such a cool image. 
It's in your 'Exercise Files', 'Class Projects', here it is here. Use that image, use your own font, your own word. And these are the basic things you'd need to use to get going. You might have to re watch the last video, and definitely share this one. I'd love to see it, stick it up on Instagram, tag me, I am @bringyourownlaptop. I'd love to see what you do in this one. Make sure you share it here as well, in the assignments part or in the comments. 
All right, I am excited for you. Go out and make super awesome drippy paint text stuff.