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Class Project 12 - Boat in a bottle

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, it is class project time. Now using the skills we learned in the last video, where we put the island in a bottle, you're going to put a boat in a bottle or anything in a bottle, it's up to you, but I've given you some class files so you got some stuff to work with. 
So in your 'Exercise Files', under '10 Blending Modes' there's a folder called 'Class Project'. See if you can find that, then pick one of the bottles. There's A, B, C, and D. Pick one of the two boats, do a selection, copy and paste them into the bottle. Then start working the same way we did before, where there is a sky. You're going to have to trim it up. You might have to extend it depending on your bottle. We've got the water, it's the same one as the last one. You can go off and find your own water if you like, from something like Unsplash. 
Then run through the techniques we did in the last video. So there was a Quick Selection Tool, then we saved that selection, so we can use it again later on. We made sure everything had Layer Masks, we had to do some Rotation and Scale. The main chunk of it is our Blending Modes where it starts interacting with a glass and you can tidy it up at the end with the Dodge Tool and the Burn Tool. 
Now a couple of things you might want to do is that the selection for the boat, this one here could be quite tricky because there's so many gaps in between. Remember the last thing I did in the last video where we had our island? Often you can just do a real quick Mask, not worry about all the gaps, and then just use a Blending Mode to kind of smoosh it to the background. Something like Multiply. Or you might spend a bit longer in getting all these gaps and use the Select and Mask, and try and party it up that way. 
One other thing you might do is, when you open up one of these bottles, let's say it is this one here, and you want it the other way around, so here you might go 'Image', 'Image Rotation', and go 'Clockwise First'. That will just get you started like this, because I don't know why, a boat in a bottle, it needs to go that way. You get it upside down, I don't mind. 
Once you do get it done, I'd love you to share it. Share it with me, on Instagram I am bringyourownlaptop. Try and tag me in there, and also upload it here in either the comments or the assignments section. Also show some love for the other people that are uploading theirs as well. When people are new, it's lovely to get good feedback. Drop a few comments to other people's work as well. High fives all around. 
All right, lovely student, that is going to be your homework. I will see you once you're finished. All right, lovely student, that is your homework. I will see you in the next video once you are done.