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How to create text in Adobe Photoshop CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, in this video we're going to look at Type in Photoshop. There's just two big, two basic flavors. One is like this text box here, which types on forever, and then there's this one here, the Type Tool which has effects where you can kind of get it to-- Type to kind of be a bit more body copy-ish. We'll learn some tricks about resizing and some other quickie little things as well. So let's get into it.

So we are continuing on with the file from the last project. If you are just jumping into this one you can open it up by going 'File', 'Open'. And in your 'Exercise Files', under ''03 Shapes' you can open up this one called 'Coloring Shapes'. Open that up, and you'll get close to where we're at now. We're going to use the Type Tool. It's reasonably simple, there's two kind of main ways of using it. 

Now one thing to note is, because we're working with all these shapes-- Photoshop really likes to-- if I've got the 'Type Tool' selected and I'm on a Shape Layer, like this Ellipse, it's going to try and combine the text into this shape here, which is not going to work for us. So if you do run into that problem, go to 'undo', then go to 'Select', and go to 'Deselect Layers', there's nothing selected. So there's two ways of adding text, right? If I click once and I start typing 'All Stars' it will just go on forever, I'm going to select all this text. I'm dragging my mouse across it and I'm going to pick a friendlier font size for you guys to see. So if you click once, it's just going to keep going forever. You can put a 'return' in. So let's say I want All Stars on two lines, I can just click in front of it hit 'return', and I've got a return. 

Let's ignore the giant Leading. Actually no, this is just a Leading, so I'm going to select both of these guys. It's because I was playing with this earlier. Leading is the space between the lines, and it is this option here. You can kind of hover above it, it's called Line Spacing here, no Leading. You can set it back to-- often 'Auto' is a happy size. 

Now the other way of adding Type is let's go back to our Move Tool, it kind of like connects that text you've done. Grab the 'Type Tool' again, and instead of just clicking once, which types on forever, we're going to click and drag out a box. I'm going to kind of start half way in here. I've got to make sure no Layers are selected, or at least none of these Shape Layers. I'm going to click hold and drag a box like this, and by clicking, holding, and dragging, what it does is it allows you to have what's called a Fixed Width box. Just means when I start typing it's going to break down to the second line so it's really good for body Text. 

We're doing this option here where we want the text to kind of snap around. A couple of useful things is, I'm going to select all my text, and delete it all. I'm going to pick an appropriate font size. 20 is too big for in here. A proper Font size is, I can't even remember. Let's go for 16pts in this case. I'm going to pick a Font. I'm using Museo Sans Rounded, I like it, it's pretty. You're probably not going to have it. It's just that font that I've downloaded from something called Typekit. So just have a little look through here, pick a font, pick a weight, this is like bold, light, medium, but especially the Font size, get it to something like 16. It's probably still too big, let's put in 12 for the moment. And I want to show you a couple of other things. 

One is, let's say you want to put in some fake text because you don't have it yet, right? I'm going to switch mine off being capitals, delete that. Mine's on capitals, because under Advanced here I clicked on this button earlier when I was working on a side project. That just says, whenever I type, make it all capitals. I've turned that off and I'm going to close that back in Advanced; is not that advanced. Just has some extra stuff that you might need to close it down. Back in there, please. So I've got 12 points, I've picked the font. Instead of just typing in, like mumbo-jumbo, because you don't have the text here, right? You're waiting for the client to have it. There is something in here, it's quite handy, I'm going to delete all that, I'm going to go to 'Type'. So my cursor is flashing inside of here. 'Type Tool', flashing inside of here, 'Type'. There's this one called 'Place Lorem Ipsum'. You probably know what that is already, if you don't, it's just mixed up Latin words, it's like, they're actual Latin words, they're just in a random order so that they're just good to hold the place of text until you get it. 

There's lots in there, it just dumps a big lob of text in there. So if you delete a word, it's probably going to replace by another word. It's just, there's so much kind of spilling out of this. What you can do is-- I can click in there. Go to 'Select', and go to 'All', so it's selects all the text, and find a font size that works for me. '10-point', 'Font', 'Weight'. Now we're going to do a couple of things but we're not going to go through every font option, like Centered versus Right Align, you'll be able to work that out. 

This one is the space between lines. What I like to do as well, you can type it in here. You can go, "I want it to be 24." On these icons, we've looked at it before, you can click, hold, and drag on these icons, right? Just kind of drag them up and down. If your computer is old and slow, dragging that thing just is painful, you have to type it in, sorry about that. To move your Type, grab the 'Move 'Tool', make sure you're on that layer, and I'm going to move them around. It's going to work for me. What else am I going to do? I'm just going to add some Type now. I'm just going to basically add this stuff in here. You can totally leave now, there's no super awesome--

All right, one super awesome trick. See this All Stars thing here, so I've got the layer selected. Instead of going and playing with the font size, which is fine, you can drag it up, drag it up. I'm going to undo and put it back. What I like to do is, that same trick we use to scale up these circles, works for fonts. So 'Command T' on Mac, or 'Control T' on a PC. Long way, remember, is under 'Edit', 'Transform' and there's one in there called 'Scale'. I find this is easy, holding 'Shift', I find I can get the Font size that I want. Roughly there, hit 'return' when you're finished. You can see, it's bumped it up to a weird 44.44. 

In terms of the Leading, I'll probably drag it down a little bit. I'm probably going to make this bigger now. Now you can go, there's no super extra tricks. I'm going to grab my Lorem Ipsum. I'm going to drag it so it lines up, grab this rectangle. I grab this, I'm going to move it up and I'm going to grab my Type Tool, I'm going to put in that 'C. Taylor'. Let me check, you made some Suede shoes. If you're not huge on fonts, often it's nice to see use the same font but different weights, so this one's the really thick, 1000, or if it was another font it might be called Extra Black or Bold. I'm going to turn it down to like 300. Yes, 300, I'm going to go for 100. 

Font size again, instead of using Font size I'm just using the 'Command T'. There's a little bit of dragging this thing around, moving it around. Getting it how I want. You can keep typing it out, often a nice little trick is this All Stars layer here, I'm going to right-click it, and duplicate it. I should give it a name, I'm not going to, just going to drag it down because what I want to do is grab my Type Tool. I'm going to put in a web address, so this one's going to be 

Font size too small. 'Transform'. scottshoes doesn't exist, so I made that up because it's my last name. When you're doing it, give it your own name. It could be, smithshoes. I think that's an actual thing there. Look, I've spelt shoes wrong. I kind of like it, it's kind of like, I don't know, feel like it's foreign, maybe a little too foreign, nobody's going to find my website. 

Awesome! So that's going to be it for the basics for fonts. We are going to look at doing type around a line in the next video. So let's go and do that there. All right, see you there.