Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, my name is Dan Scott. I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop. Now together in this course, me, you, are going to learn everything we need to know about using Photoshop. 

This course is for beginners. You don't need any previous knowledge in Photoshop, photography, or design. So this is a project based course which means we're not going to go through every single tool and every one of its little settings. What we're going to do is set practical, real world examples and then learn the tools and features necessary to make it both beautiful and easy. We'll learn how to easily enhance images, creating the light and the color. 

We'll know how to add, remove, and change colors in an image. We'll select, we'll mask, and we'll combine images. Then we'll work with text. We'll also add logos that we can create beautiful flyers, posters, plus some banner ads. You'll learn the Photoshop secret source where we can magic up more background or completely remove objects and people from images. Cool, huh! 

Before the end of the course, you'll have the skills to mask anything including the threaded hair using those amazing new masking skills. You'll be able to click on images and start playing with some interaction with things like type in the background. Together we'll work through lots of popular visual styles. We'll learn the tools and tricks necessary to make them easy. There's my favorite section where you'll learn how to distort, transform, and manipulate images. We'll make our own graphics using simple techniques to create graphics like this, from scratch. 

You wouldn't be complete as a Photoshop user without the solid retouching skills we'll learn here. Finally any good Photoshop user should know how to put an island inside of a bottle. 

There are exercise files that you can download so you can work alongside me. There are also assignments that I set throughout the course so that you can practice your skills as we go. So if you've never opened up Photoshop, or you have, and you've really struggled with the basics, follow me, and I will show you how to make beautiful images inside of Photoshop. The end. Go away, everybody, sound guy, camera guy, you guys. There's no other people here, it's just me. Bye.