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Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training

Class Project 18 - Dripping Paint Brush

Daniel Walter Scott

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How are you doing? It is assignment time. I do wonder who watches these videos all the way through, you're one of them. I promise you, you're one of the few, and you're going to be the one of the people who get really good at Photoshop. 
So this class assignment is going to practice our skills. I want you to take the skills we learnt in the last video and just switch it out for your own colors, and your own name. It's a nice simple one. You can see the difference between this one and the last one. I added some more goop on top of my name, you don't have to but I added some kind of, like there was some behind, there, and a little bit in front as well. 
There's something you might take into consideration. It is in your class projects, Word document. That's in your exercise files if you want a bit more detail, but create your own document, and just go to town with the drips. Pick a font and pick colors, and share with me. 
Let's get on to the next video, it's pretty exciting. We're going to do some cool Smoke Brushes, and Masks, and things. It's pretty cool, I'll see you there.