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Video transcript

Hi everyone, it is time to bend your text. Warp it around, do some different shapes, adjust it and definitely look at how to turn it into a fish shape. All right, let's get started.

So to start off with you need some Type. I've got this one here, this layer here called 'All Stars'. I'm going to start bending that one like you saw at the front. All we need to do is, with that Layer selected, be on the 'Type Tool' and then there's this option up here. It's kind of a T with the underline underneath it, click on him. Click on it, and nothing happens. Get ready for amazingness. Ah, arching Type! Lower arc Type. It’s up to you what you're looking to do with the Type. That's kind of getting okay, I'm not hating that. My favorite is always the fish. Everyone needs fish shaped Text. 

Once you've got the one you want, the style that you like it's definitely probably a fish. You can play around with these options underneath. Just decide where it bends, how it bends. It's more just playing around and getting the type how you want. I'm going to get it back to regular by hitting 'Cancel'. With it selected go up to this 'Bending Text Tool' option again and go through and experiment some of the other ones. 'Inflate', 'Squeeze'. I don't do it too much, ever, except a fish. That's destroying text, and I'm not a big fan of that, but you might have a good use case for it, so there it is. Let's click 'OK'. 

One last thing to show you is, if you've got it and you want to adjust it, say it's like too archy for you, with that Layer selected, you can click back on this and it jumps back in to where you were. And you can keep editing it. You want to get rid of it, go up to here, to 'None'. Let's click 'OK'. That's how to kind of bend and distort it. 

Next one we're going to do, is I promised you, Text on a Path, where it kind of follows a circle, or any sort of a shape. Let's do it in the next video.