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Class Project 11 - Retouching

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, it is assignment time. Using the techniques we learned in the previous video I want you to open up, from your '09 Retouching' folder, one called 'Spot Healing 03', '04', and '05'. Thank you, Brian, Fernando, and Genevieve. 
With Genevieve's image I want to see if you can remove the footsteps here. With Brian Beckwith, I want you to do a Skin Retouch. So just move some of the blemishes, and on Fernando Reyes, I want to see if you can completely remove this person out of this image. 
Now remember, you should be doing it on its own layer using this ‘Spot Healing Brush’, and make sure you use 'Sample All Layers'. When you're finished, share your handiwork. So once you've finished doing that, I will see you in the next video. Not before, do the assignments. I have my stern teacher face on. All right, let's get going.