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How to fix teeth in Adobe Photoshop CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, this video is all about tidying up teeth. There's nothing wrong with these teeth but we're just going to enhance them a little bit like that. So off, on, trying to do it subtly-ish. Let's look at how to do that now. 
To get started go to your '09' folder, and in there there's one called 'Teeth 01' from Thanks, freestocks. Like we did in the last tutorial, we need to duplicate this layer. Just so that we can turn back any work that we've done, just lower the opacity of it a little bit. I'll call this one 'Retouch'. On this Retouch Layer, if you've worked on it before, I'm going to zoom in on my teeth here. If you've done it before, and you just went straight to the Dodge Tool you're probably fine, Protect Tones 'on', and it does this. Kind of goes this weird red color, not good, so I'm going to undo. 
Before you go into the Dodge Tool what you want to do is you use the Desaturation Tool. So 'Sponge Tool', set to 'Desaturate'. You desaturate them first, then you dodge them. Now the Flow in this case, 50% is going to be nice. Brush size, something that fits in here, I'm going to zoom in. What am I at? I'm at a brush size at 50, click, hold. We're trying to make the teeth gray. If you're like, "Oh, they're going gray," it's what we want to do. We want to get them gray to pull the color at them, and then we'll dodge them. They won't go that kind of sparkling red and yellow color. 
What you don't want to do is like, if you can see gums, I can't in this one but if you see gums, don't make those gray. The person starts looking a little bit sick if you make their gums go gray because everybody’s gums are pink. So great teeth to start with, then click, hold down the Sponge Tool and grab the Dodge Tool. Remember, the Dodge Tool makes things lighter. For this to work you need to work on Highlights. And the Exposure, I'm going to lower it down to something like 20%. Over here, where it says Protect Tones, let's turn that 'off'. Protect Tones just try and looks after skin tones which are in that kind of yellowy zone. It's actually what we don't want to protect. We want to get rid of that kind of skin tan yellowy teeth color. 
So I got it quite low, so watch, I'm going to click once. Now my brush size here is kind of filling like the gap here. I find with a bigger brush it's less obvious that you've been in there. So I'm going to click a couple times. Now because you're new, you're going to click away at this until I go, absolutely go crazy white. That's fine, you'll get the hang of it after a while. You can see, I know I've probably gone a little too far now. We can turn it down a little bit later on. So if you feel like you've gone too far stop there. 
Now these ones in the background shouldn't be white. That's just light, it's just dark back there. They don't have to be perfectly white, you can lighten them up a little bit. So I'm just kind of clicking, maybe a bigger brush. I'm going to go into the gum here. Now don't worry if yours has gone way overboard. Happens every single time I teach this class. We're just going to keep them like that. 
Now I've gone overboard as well but what we can do now is, on this Retouch Layer, we can lower down the opacity. Completely off. Completely back on. Too white. Just kind of find that, where you feel it looks naturally okay. So on this layer here I feel like 80% is kind of there. Zooming out a little bit. Maybe a little bit lower. So remember, when you're working on teeth lower the saturation first using this Sponge Tool. Set to 'Desaturate', then go in with your Dodge Tool. Make sure when you're using the Dodge Tool though, to untick Protect Tones. 
Knowing that, I'd like you to open up the second example. It's in your 'Exercise Files', '09 Retouch'. It's called 'Teeth 02'. Thank you, Roksolona. Let's click 'Open'. Now this one here is, I guess not as clear for the teeth but that's cool, we want different examples. So make sure you duplicate the layer, desaturate the teeth first then look at dodging it, and then look potentially at lowering it down using the opacity on that Retouch Layer. Once you've done that as well, to practice your other skills, do the same thing to the eyes with the Dodge Tool. Then maybe use the Sponge Tool to enhance the saturation, or the colors of the eyes and the hair. 
You might even look to do Levels for this particular image just to kind of bring out the strong blacks. If you don't like this kind of flat back, kind of Instagram style. It's up to you, when you're finished I love you to share what you've done. So save it here as a project, stick it in the comments or send it to me on social media. Instagram's the best place, I am bringyourownlaptop. All right, next video.