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Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training

How to a bevel or emboss to text in Photoshop CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video it's all about Bevels and Embosses. Making this kind of 3D effect, I'll turn it off, turn it back on. All right, I'm not a big fan of it, but you might love it, and that's okay. I will judge you still but I won't do it to your face, don't worry. Let's jump in now, and learn Bevels and Embosses. 

So we can add that Bevel and Emboss to any shape we like. Instead of text we're going to do this circle here, so I'm going to click on the circle. Make sure it's selected, turn the eye on and off so you know you've got the right one selected. It's down here, under 'fx', 'Bevel and Emboss'. And that's it, pretty easy, okay. So you've got some Bevel and Emboss styles. 

So the default is, in a Bevel, looks like it's kind of a little disc. The things you might adjust, there's lots to play around with, but the main one's the depth. Can you see, how sharp this looks now around the edges here. I'm going to turn it down a bit, and the size, how far that creeps in, and then the 'Soften', you can turn it so it gets really fluffy around the outside. So just play with those. Those are your main ones to play around with. 

The other thing you might play around with is, see this Shading? This angle here is quite interesting. Well, not interesting, but you can see, it's headed-- it's going straight from top to bottom, watch this. I can make it look-- you can kind of look at this icon or my little option down here. Let's move it down to make it easier. You just click anywhere here, and decide where you want it to go. That is our Bevel and Emboss. 

Let's look at a couple of the other options. So there's Outer Bevel, which I kind of like. I don't kind of like, I don't like-- I've gone through phases though, I hated Gradients a couple years ago but now you can tell, I'm overdoing Gradients. Let's look at Emboss, kind of looks like it's sitting, kind of, it does outer and inner. There's Pillow Emboss, looks like it's kind of like sitting inside, like it's resting on a material. Just go through and have a little look about these things that you want. Play around with the settings you want to. 

That is going to be it. I'm going to leave with this one, click 'OK'. And as soon as I'm finished, I'm going to click on it, and drag into the bin. You might love Embosses, there's nothing wrong with them, just personal taste, and that's nice. If you love them, we've got an exercise coming up in a second, and you can cover the whole thing in Bevel and Embosses, and share it with me. And prove me wrong. All right, that's it for this video. Let's jump to the next one.