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How to change just one color in Adobe Photoshop CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, in this video we're going to change just one particular color in an image rather than the whole thing. See the yellow in the glasses here, and the yellow in the shoe, ready, hey presto, magic. The green, and blue, and all sorts of other cool colors. It's got the pink. Same with this image, all sorts of cool colors. It's only affecting the shoes, not the color in the background. Let's learn how to do that now in Adobe Photoshop. 

From the same folder that we've been using, called 'color', let's open up 'Selective Hue 01' and 'Selective Hue 02'. We're going to start with '01'. And we're going to go, like we did before, we're going to use 'Adjustment Panel', and we're going to go to 'Hue & Saturation'. Now the problem though is, if I use Hue, I just want to change, say, just the shoe here, so I'm going to put it back to '0'. I want to change just this part, or just the yellow. The yellow of the sunglasses and the yellow of the shoe here. To change it, if I want to make it pink… way to go. 

So the yellow sunglasses are now pink, which is awesome, but everything else has changed color, it's kind of cool but it's not what we want, we want to just change the yellow, so put him back to '0'. Now what you do is, see this thing that says Master, it's doing everything, what you can do is you can be selective about the colors. So you say, "I want to just change the yellows, please." Click on the yellows, start dragging that. Voila, it will affect just the yellows. Cool, huh! 

So now you're going to be… Nice! Like always, it's an Adjustment Layer, turn it on and off. I can always go and amend it. Now there will be times when, let's say, I want to change just the sunglasses' yellow, not this yellow. That's going to require us to do a Selection and a Mask, which is a little bit later on in the course, definitely doable, but if you want to change everything that's yellow, super easy, just select it from this drop down, and adjust it. 

I'd like you to practice with Selective Hue 02. Adjust both the background color and the shoes. So reds, this guy here, and giving it a way of Cyans. So do the same thing as we did earlier on. Have a practice, and I will see you in the next video.