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How to make a sky peeling like fabric revealing background in Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video we're going to do a cool kind of sky peel back. We're going to start with this image, and this image, and do this to it. It's really easy, let's get started. 
To make this happen, let's go to 'File', let's go to 'Open'. Then in our '08 Transform' folder open up "Warp 01' and 'Warp 02', and click 'Open'. So we've got a sky that we're going to reveal, and our kind of cloudy background. It's super easy, the one thing we have to do is 'Edit'. Can you see, under 'Transform', not available, it's because this Background Layer is locked, we looked at this earlier. To get rid of the lock, super easy, double click the background, give it a name, 'Landscape'. Now with that Layer selected, we can go to 'Edit', and 'Transform' to life. I'm just going to use Warp, let's click on 'Warp' and grab this top left corner, just drag it so it kind of looks like it overlaps. 
You can start playing around with handles depending on how you want this kind of fabric or paper to feel. For me, I don't know what I'm doing. That looks good. Here we go. Pull back to reveal, let's click 'Enter'. Now go to 'Warp'. Now go to 'Warp 02'. With your 'Move Tool', click, hold, and drag the image. Holding it down, dragging to the tab, then let go down here. Just make sure the layer's underneath. And just move it around until you feel like you've found, like part of the image that-- I don't know works for-- that looks kind of good. Yes, nice. 
Now the one thing you can do to kind of make this feel a little a little bit more real as far as this can get, is you can use the Burn Tool. So what you might do is, let's click on the 'Landscape Layer'. We looked at the Burn Tool when we faked shadows, it's the same thing here, so click on the 'Burn Tool'. Yours might be set to the Dodge tool so click and hold it down until you find the Burn Tool. With the Ranges, let's set it to Mid tones, and let's be at 50%. Brush size, that's a little big. Maybe something like 200. And I'm just going to kind of add a bit of maybe some darkness down here, so it looks like it's kind of, you know curling over on itself, staying away from that edge there to make it look it's casting a shadow. Kind of want to do it to there as well, over this edge. 
Now what you'll find with the Burn Tool is, we're on Mid Tone, so it's only dealing with those kind of Mid Tones. So if there's white, like there is here, can you see, doesn't really adjust it, so I'm going to do it. But it doesn't really get it. So you can switch it between shadows which is the really dark colors, and the highlights. In this case, is what I want. Can you see now, it's affecting the clouds a little better. You might have to switch between these two to give it a bit of dip thin roll. Same with you guys down here, and I kind of make it look like it's casting a shadow. So depending on the image you might have to flick through all three of these to get it kind of right. 
So that is a really kind of quick use of some of those Transform tools. You see it quite a bit. You also see people kind of getting a model that's maybe pulling the edge of this and they cut them out and set them in the image, might be a rope connected to this. Maybe just the big hand. All right, so that is going to be it for this tutorial. Nice quick one, see you in the next video.