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Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training

Class Project 15 - Vintage Matte Photo

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there this project is going to be making your own vintage image. I found this sweet picture of a bike from Quarry Motor. It's in your 'Exercise Files', it's called 'Vintage 03' in the folder called '11 Visual Styles'. 
Now run through the process from the last video. You can use, or ignore, or add to any of those techniques you liked. And when you're finished, go ahead and share it with me. Then go ahead and do your own versions. 
So in your Word doc, which is in the 'Exercise Files' called 'Class Projects', here it is, it's this one called '69'. Open up the image, use your own techniques. Do your own version, and then share with me. Instagram, I am bringyourownlaptop. And also put it here in the comments, or in the assignments section. 
All right, I'm looking forward to how you interpret vintage, and I'd love to see it. Next video, please.