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Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training

How to straighten the horizon line using Photoshop CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, in this video we're going to straighten this Horizon line here, just a little bit off. We're going to use the Cropping tool to do it, and we're going to invent new background using the Content to Width Scale. To go from this to that. It's nice and straight, and there's even more background. Same with this one, we're just going to straighten it up. Then more background, make it look awesome. Let's jump into Photoshop and see how to do it. 

Let's open up the images, let's go to 'File' and go to 'Open'. In 'Cropping', there's 'Cropping 04' and 'Cropping 05'. Thank you Hunter Johnson and Caleb Ekeroth. We're going to be working on this first image here. I want you to do that as a practice. So let's have 'Cropping 04' open, let's grab the 'Crop Tool'. Basically what we want to do is straighten up the horizon. To do that there's a little option up here that says 'Straighten', click on that. Nothing really happens, except your cursor changes to this little level. What you do is you click, hold, and drag across the image. Doesn't have to be all the way across, just wherever you can kind of get a good sense of the horizon line. It just kind of rotates it for you. You can manually do it, but it's just a nice little easy trick. 

Now using our extra skills from earlier on, you can see, it's kind of cropped it inside. We're going to lose those pixels right here. Let's say I want to-- actually, I want to keep most of it. We'll try to at least, see how it goes. So I want to rotate it, and then I'm going to make sure 'Content Aware' is on. You have to resize it again. Yours was probably on by default, it's okay. Now click 'return' on your keyboard, or you can click that little tick up here. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it starts. Pretty magic, huh? So it's invented more background, straightened the horizon line. What I'd like you to do, in the second exercise do the same thing. So grab your 'Levels Tool', drag it out, hit 'return', make sure Content Aware is there, have a practice. Super simple, super cool. 

Let's get into the next video, yet another cropping video. Who would have thought you could have a whole section on cropping?