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Adding your corporate colors to Word as default

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 13 of 52

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Hey there, in this video we're going to look at creating a custom color, a corporate color, and then we're going to add it as the defaults, for Word's every document has it in there. Let's go do it.

First thing you need to do is, you need to go to the 'Design' tab, and along the edge here, on the right, there's this one called 'Colors', pop that down, and here's your kind of like-- You've got some default colors in here, we're going to go in and adjust these. 

Go down to 'Customize Colors', you can see 'Create New Theme Colors'. It's going to create a new theme color, so create it first and then we'll go through and set it as our default.

We're going to leave the text default as 'Black', but we're going to use these 'Accents' for our colors. So where it says 'Accent 1', drop that down and go to 'More Colors'. This is where you get to put in your corporate colors. Now, if you have no idea what your corporate color is, you're going to have to figure out what the 'RGB' value is. Often, if you've got a corporate manual, or corporate spec document, it will have your colors in there, so figure out what those are, 'RGB'. So, 'Red', 'Green', 'Blue', and you type them in here.

I'm looking at the 'Bring Your Own Laptop' spec document here, and it says we got a 'Green', and the 'Red', 'Green', 'Blue' values are '24', '142', and '128'. You can see it gives me this green color here. Click 'OK'.

Next one, I'll choose the next 'Accent' color, 'More Colors', and I'm going to put in our 'Red'. So the 'Red' is '209', '95', and '65'. Click 'OK'. I can keep going through if I needed more, but I'm just going to use these, 'Accent 1', and 'Accent 2'. Great!

So this is here for this document. That works fine. So I can select this, drop this down now, and you can see there's my two colors, and some random other ones. So these are my two first colors in terms of that color, which can be quite helpful.

What you want to do is to set it as default for all the new documents, because if I create a new document now, and I put in some text, then highlight it, you can see, back to the original colors there. 

So what I want to do is-- I'm going to not save him. Once you've done it, there's an option here that says 'Set as Default'. Let's click 'Set as Default', say 'Yes'. And now, if I'm making a new document, if I go up to here, here's my lovely green, and my red.

So that is how to add your corporate colors to Word, and then set it as your default.