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Adding a pull quote in Microsoft Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 24 of 52

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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at putting in this pull quote here, a bit of text. This one happens to be in circle but you can put it in anything, and you can see it kind of forces itself, a little hole in the middle there, and it doesn't flow along with the text, it's kind of fixed there. So let's go and learn how to do that.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to put in on this third page here. It’s amazing, this Max photograph is not under the right-- I got a little mixed up so I'm just clicking, holding, and dragging it. I'm going to place it over here, pretty big gap in there. Actually what I want to do is I'm going to move it so it kind of separates up here, so I'm putting you-- 

On my heading again, I'll delete a bit more of this, just to give myself some space because I don't want any images on the second page, because I want there to be room to put  my big pull quote. You're going to have to adjust your text, obviously yours is going to be completely different from mine, but anyway, let's do our pull quote.

So first of all we need a big circle. To do it, go to 'Insert', there's one in here called 'Shapes',  not 'Online Images', click 'Shapes', and I'm going to use this 'Oval' here. Now when you're drawing an oval you can draw it freehand, or probably what you want to do is, while you're drawing it-- so back to 'Insert', 'Shapes', 'Oval'. It's hold 'Shift' while you're dragging it, so hold down 'Shift' on your keyboard, click, hold, and drag your mouse out, and you get a perfect circle. How big is this one going to be? Quite big.

So I want him to be in the middle, and I'm going to put my copy inside of it. First of all, the text is hiding behind it, so in this little option here that says 'Layout Options', I want to do this one that says 'Square', it's going to put a big square, I want it to actually follow the edges, so click 'Tight', and it kind of goes around the edges rather than--

I also want to change the colors, so under-- if you're not under 'Format', with it selected, go to 'Format', under 'Fill Color', pick any color you like; I'm going to use that green that we've used for our corporate, and where it says 'Shape Outline', I'm going to say 'No Outline', get rid of that. So that's the circle. 

Now, you'll notice that it kind of fits nicely around here, but not so much this side because it's the end of the line. This is where you get to decide, you might prefer to use justification. I don't like justification, I don't like that this doesn't align, but I also don't like justification. It's up to you. So I'm going to grab all of my text, grab that, select all of my text, dragging down, grabbing it all, and it's still left aligned, I'm going to try this one here that says 'Justify'. What 'Justify' does is it's going to force to the edges there, but you get  this nice kind of sides, looks a little bit nicer with this pull quote, kind of wraps around the edge here. So I'm going to 'undo' because I don't like it, and what I want to do as well is, at the moment the anchor point's here, if I hit 'return', this starts moving along with the text. I don't want that to happen, we looked at that in a previous video; click on this, 'Text Wrapping', and say 'Fix position'. It means that when I hit 'return' up here now, it still stays in the middle. Lovely!

So, we want to add some text to it, so with it selected, 'right click' it, and there's one in here that says 'Add Text', and that will stick it inside. What I'd like to do is copy and paste our quote that I've got, so I've gone to 'File', 'Open', let's go to 'Browse', let's find our exercise files on our 'Desktop'. Under 'Word Exercise Files', under '02 Newsletter', there's one in there called 'Quote'. Open that up, and I'm going to select this. I want this bit first, I'm going to copy that, and I'm going to paste it in, I'm going to select it, it's already picked white, which is cool. 

When it comes to pull quotes, it needs to be big so you can read them. I also need to do-- it needs to be a 'Serif' font in 'Italics'. It doesn't have to be, but for some reason colloquial type of language needs to be 'Times New Roman', and it needs to be 'Italics'. And you need to put a little quote marks in. Where's mine on this keyboard? They are somewhere, there they are. That feels like it's a colloquial kind of sentence from the days of yore, because it's got 'Serif's, I don't know why. With it selected as well I'm going to go to 'Home' and I'm going to make it sort of 'center'ed, and I'm going to make it a little bit bigger. A little big, yes, better. That works good for me. 

One of the other things I'd like to do before we move on is, the text is really tied against the edge here, so I want to play around with that, so in these options here we've picked this, 'Tight', and we've fixed the position, and you can go to 'See more', and what I'd like to do in here is I want to play around with the 'Text Wrapping', and it's 'Both sides', you can see, left and right here, it's pushing it out. So I'm just going to increase it up a little bit, maybe '0.3', just to give it a bit more room around the outside.

The last thing is that mine's kind of pushed towards the top, it's just because there is a return at the bottom here, so if I delete it, you can see now, it's fully in the middle, not driving me mad.

All right, so that's how you do a pull quote, where you put a quote in the center, nice in italics, with quotation marks. Next thing I want to do is I want to put Benjamin Franklin's name, that's his quote. I want to wrap it around, and follow the curve of the circle, and we'll do that in the very next video.