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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at creating a Table of Contents, then we're going to look at updating the Table of Contents, and what happens, creating some styles, making it bullet proof. Let's go and do that.

There's two things that need to be in place before you can make a Table of Contents. One is, you need a space to put it; we got a nice blank page on page 2. If you're jumping into this tutorial, all you need to do is have your cursor where you want the blank page, go to 'Insert', 'Page Break'. The other thing you need is, you need headings set up. 

I've got some text here, and if you go to 'Home' you'll see that's got 'Heading 1' applied, it pulls this kind of style through to create the Table of Contents, here again as well, choosing 'Heading 1', so those two need to be in place. Then put your cursor where you want your Table of Contents to go, then go to this 'References' tab, and the first one here is Table of Contents, and there's a couple of different styles you can pick, I'm going to pick this first one here, and voilà , we got a Table of Contents. It's pulling through the 'Heading 1' that I used, the text from that at least, and it's bringing through its page number. Great! 

The next thing I need to do is, I need to look at what happens when I update it, changing the styles, those types of things. Let's go and do a couple of things. If I change, say-- the page number is pretty easy, say, this title here, say 'Independence' changes, and I decide, there’s a lot of content comes in and he moves to another page, so what I do is, back up in Table of Contents, really simple, click inside, 'Update Table', and 'Update page numbers only'. You'll see, he changed along, from 5 he's now on page 6, and he's now on 7, 8, 9... So they're all kind of pushed along, and that's really easy to do.

Let's say it's something different in terms of-- say the title's changed. This one here changes from 'Basis of opinion' just to the word ‘Opinion’. I'm going to delete all of that, so that's gone and changed. That last technique I used is not going to work. 

Let's say though, let's go and style this, because this is where it's going to bring in our little issue. So, if I style this, and I say it's going to be just a slightly bigger font, '14', and I'm going to do the 'space after', just to push them apart from each other, so I'm going to do maybe '16 pts', just to separate them all out. And I do that, and it was looking great, and I love it, and then I go to this one here that says 'Update Table', and-- I'm going to update the entire table because I want that text changed, instead of 'Basis of opinion', I want it to be 'Opinion'. So let's click 'OK'. You'll notice that it works but it goes and leaves my formatting, replaces it, I can go and change it again, that can be a little bit tiresome, so what I'm going to do is, before I go and update, is I'm going to say that it's a style, so I'm going to select this first option, and I'm going to be on 'Home', and here's all my styles.

What I want to do is create one, so in your 'Styles' panel, there's this little fly-out in the right corner, so however big your size is, yours might be a little bit smaller like this, it might be just here, just like a little insignificant turned up page, it's super useful. Click on him here, and what we're going to do is, we're going to-- so, we’ve highlighted him, we've done some changes, he's going to be called 'TOC 1' but what I want to do is right click 'TOC 1' and say update this ‘TOC 1’ - TOC is Table of Contents - I want to update him to match my selection, and what that means is that it's not going to revert to that original size, it's going to be the default template, so now when I go and 'Update', 'Entire Table', it updates the text but also continues to use this styling that I've gone and chosen. Close it down now.

That is how to create a Table of Contents, and either update the numbers or go through and update the titles as well. Let's go and do the next video.