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Add a Drop Cap or big first letter in Microsoft Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 18 of 52

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In this tutorial we're going to put a giant letter at the beginning of a paragraph. They're called a drop cap, and we're going to go make it, and we're actually going to pick a different font style to make it look fancy. All right, let's go and do it now.

To add a drop cap, I'm going to have my cursor flashing, kind of anywhere in this first paragraph, because that’s where I want it to be. You can have it at the beginning if you really want to, but anywhere is fine. Then we're going over to ‘Insert’, and all the way down over here is 'Drop Cap'. Remember, if you're using a different version of Word, or actually your screen size is different, it might be at a slightly different spot, remember, if I shrink this up, it all gets kind of jammed up into here, and that's the one I'm looking for. 

I'm going to go to the big version, 'Drop Cap', and we're going to-- if you hover above you can see, giant L. 'Margin' does something kind of different, it kind of pops it into the left hand side there which is not what I want in this case, so I'm going to 'Dropped'. You can go to 'Drop Cap' options, and decide how many you wanted to drop, so I'm going to go to 'Dropped', and I'm going to decide on how many lines, I'm going to go '3', and I'm going to pick a different font. So I want to pick-- what am I going to pick? I have no idea. I'm going to pick 'Times New Roman', and click 'OK'.

It's a big kind of like Serif font, looks kind of cool often, offset against Sans Serif font, which is this body copy here. Serif fonts, just so you know, these little bits that hang off the top, these little, like feet, and things that poke off, they're called Serifs. And Sans Serif, Sans is like, info without, so without little feet. It's just that little square ones that don't have all those little extra bits. 

Anyway, that is how to add a drop cap in Microsoft Word.