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How to set your default fonts in Microsoft Word 2016

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Hi there, wonderful Word learners. In this tutorial we're going to look setting the default font for your body copy whenever you open up a new document. By default it's Calibri, the size is either 11 or 12, depending on what version you have, so we're going to go and reset that now.

We're going to select some text; in the previous tutorial we've set it to Arial, as our corporate font, and we set the size as 10 point, but we want that to be true of every new document, because now, if I open a document, it's set to Calibri, and 11, so I'm going to close it down. 

So, to do it, be on your 'Home' tab, and along here where all these fonts are grouped, can you see there's this 'Font' option here, and at the bottom there is this little fire-up menu. Click on that, and it gives me some options, so I can go through in here-- it's picking up what I had selected, but you could go and manually adjust it in here now. Once you've picked it, it's exactly as I want it to be, can you see, it says 'Save As Default', click 'Save As Default'. 'This document only?', we'll save it as default obviously, just here, we want this for all documents ever made, so if I go and change this now, and I click 'OK', it's going to go-- I don't want to change it; Why? Because, as a trainer I need everything to be default, but if you click 'OK', trust me, it will change the default when you make a new document, and you start pasting in text, and it will be Arial, and 10 point. 

That's how to change the default font size, and font style in Microsoft Word.