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How to create bulleted list and numbered lists in Microsoft Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 33 of 52

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In this video we're going to look at creating a list, we'll both look at numbered lists and bulleted lists, and how to do the adjustments to the space between the edges here, and the space between the numbers, and the content. Let's go and do that.

To start our list, what we're going to do is put a 'return' in here, and I'm going to put in some text that I'd like to be our list, I'm going to select all of the text, and at the top here, under 'Home', we've got the two options, you've got bulleted lists, and one next to it, numbered lists. So if I pick this 'Bulleted list' there's a little triangle next to it, it will drop down, I can decide on which ones I want to use, say I want to use 'Text', and the same with numbers, instead of having this one dot red, I can drop this down, and I can pick from different options here, say it's this one, and then a bracket. Lovely!

The things that you might want to change is, say, it is the-- if I select all the list, it's to do with these, how far away this sits from the left, and the distance between these two, these can be important. So with him selected, you’ll see up here, my ruler, these are the bits that we can control. So this first option here, it is where this number 1 starts, say you want to kind of rest them all the way along there-- I'm going to 'undo'. Or let's say these other two options, these are the ones that people sometimes get confused about, and it’s really hard to click these, just so you know.

If you're finding it's not working, or you're finding something is going wrong, it's probably just the way you started clicking. If I click the middle triangle at the top, that’s exactly what I want to do, I want to kind of move-- I've got it wrong, 'undo', even I, it's really hard to click these things, so I'm going to click the triangle at the top there, if I click the triangle at the top, can you see, it moves just the text away from the numbers, but if I accidentally - like I did a second ago - grab the bottom part, this little white rectangle, if I click on that, and drag it across, the whole thing comes. I have to 'undo' again.

So that's how to do the basic adjustments. Our multi-level list is pretty easy. I hit a 'return' here, and I hit 'Tab' on my keyboard, I get yellow, and I can go through, and I want to insert things that are yellow, the Sun, and bananas are. 

To get these things to be not part of this multi-level list, I can bring them in the front here, and I can hold 'Shift' and hit 'Tab', and that will bring it back into my original list. 'Tab' pushes it out, 'Shift Tab' brings it back in.

That's it for numbers and bullets. We'll leave that one there. Let's get on to the next video.