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Adding headers to certain pages only in Microsoft Word

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Hi there, in this tutorial what we're going to do is we're going to create a header and a footer that starts on a page other than page 1. You can see, header, footer, but nothing on this blank page, there's nothing on the title page, so it starts later on in the document. So let's go and do that now.

For this to work we need to have what's called sections in our document. Now, if you're following along this tutorial, we've already created sections, you remember? We did it a little earlier on, and if you haven't, and you're just jumping into this one tutorial by itself, I'm going to show you. 

Let's say I've got this document here, and what I need to do is I want my page, or my header/footer to appear on some of these other pages, not maybe the first page, or maybe not the second page. In our case, what I want to do is, this is going to be my first page, this is going to be my table of contents, so what I want to do is, just in front of table of contents here, I'm going to say 'Insert'-- I'm actually going to go 'Layout', 'Breaks', I would like to insert this thing called 'Next Page'. That's broken this into a section, and then, from here, ongoing, there's another section. That's how you split headers and footers, because you can have specific headers and footers per section. 

So you need to make this happen, so I've cut this down into one section. I'm going to do two sections, so I'm going to put another one in here. I'm going to go 'Next Page'. So that's the thing you need to do first; cut these things to sections. I'm going to jump back into the document that we've been working throughout this tutorial.

So I've already done that for this case. Title page, contents page, what's going to come in my first page. So what I need to do is, to add the header, what I do is double click in this kind of random area at the top, it's my header area, and what we're going to do is we're going to put in an image along the top, and we're going to put in some text down the bottom.

To insert an image, or actually, before we get started, it's this-- this is the option here. So we double click to go into here, it says 'Link to Previous'. That's the bit we want to turn off, we don't want to link to previous ones, we want him to be all by himself. And now what we're going to do is we're going to go insert an image, or pictures. This is the image from the Word exercise files that you can download, there will be a link on this page somewhere, and '03 Document', we're going to bring in our 'Accountant Logo', click 'Insert'. It's too big, I'm going to make him smaller. 

A couple of things I want to do, I want to move him over here, he won't move, remember, click on this, click on 'Behind Text', and I want to go 'Fix Position'. Now sometimes when you're working with the header/footer, there's a few things you can, and can't do, so, when I click on him again, click on this, go to 'Fix position', so they have average use, click off, click back on. Now what I get to do is, I can get to move him wherever I like. He's going to be up there in the top corner, nice and small, and down the bottom here, my footer, what I'd like to do is, I've got my page number in here from the previous tutorial. What I'd like to do now is to have the name of the document kind of over here on the side. And Photoshop's installed. Just good to know.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to grab this text here from-- double click, grab that, copy. What you'll notice is that, you can see, there's no header and footer on these pages here, just because of what I did there. So I'm going to go back in to double click footer, and just after the number 1, I'm going to insert this tab here. It says 'Insert Alignment Tab'. I'm going to do one on the 'Right'. If you want yours to be at the center, you use 'Center'. I just want mine on the right. And I'm going to paste text in, but I'm going to go to 'Home', 'Paste', and I'm going to use this last option, it says 'Paste Text Only', otherwise the formatting will come through, and it will be that really big green color. Awesome! So that's my header/footer, and it's starting on its own page because of our sections. Double click.

Now, you'll notice that everything's grayed out, everybody hates it, and there's no way of turning it off. Now I know there's a sneaky way you can make the images kind of stand out using the Windows media format, something like that, it’s really hard to do, and it only works for the image, doesn't work for the text. If anybody knows other way to make all of this go nice and dark rather than being grayed out, that would be helpful, send it to me with a note in the comments. For everyone else, just know that when you do print this it prints it full color even though I can see-- watch this, it washes out when I click in here, and if you're sending it to a client, and you just really want it to be full color you can make a PDF. We covered that in an earlier tutorial, how to make a PDF out of Microsoft Word. You could send a PDF, it would be pretty nice and full color, or when you hit 'Print', it will print out nicely, but, till then, we have to live with grayed out headers and footers.

All right, so that's how to create header/footer that starts on a different page other than page 1.