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Microsoft Word 2016 Bootcamp - Zero to Hero Training

How to make our own custom style in Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 22 of 52

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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at creating our own custom style, not one of the ones that already appear at the top, we're going to make our own; see in there? It's called first paragraph. And we're going to be able to select the stuff, and apply it really quickly. All right, let's go and do it.

First thing we need to do is, I'm going to create a first paragraph style, because what I want to do is-- Every time, after the heading, there is a paragraph style, and I want it to be say, bold, and I want to use our red color. It's that thing that I want to happen, and I want to set this as a style as I’m going to use it over and over again.

So with this selected, what we're doing is, we're looking for-- you might have to select it again, we'll get this thing to pop up. Can you see 'Styles'? Click that, and I'm going to say 'Create Style'. Now we'll call this one 'First Para', and click 'OK'. You'll see at the top here, I've got this guy now called First Para. So I can go through and say… First Paragraph. I've highlighted it for some of them, and some of them I'm just clicking in. Doesn't really matter how you want to do that. That's it.

One last thing before we go. Let's say that, we like it, but after a little while we need to do some changes; the client comes back and says, “Actually, can you make it bold and italics?” So with it selected, you can make any changes. In my case I'm going to make mine 'Italic', and what you can do is 'right click' this guy up here, and say 'Update'. You'll notice, the cool thing about updating it is that, can you see, all the other parts that are using that same new custom style gets updated at the same time giving you great control over a very long document.

All right, that's it for making your own custom style in Microsoft Word. Let's get on to the next video.