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Hi there, let's talk about the resources that you're going to need for this course. There is some exercise files, so there'll be a link on the page here somewhere, where you can download the files that we're going to use in this course, so go do that.

What I've also done is, at the end of every video, what I do is, I save my Word document to exactly where I'm at, so that, if you're having trouble with yours, you can download mine, compare the two, and see where you're at. There'll be a link on every video screen for that.

The other thing you can do is, I've made a cheat sheet, so there's a video version at the end of this course, so you can check that out. 

There's also a PDF printable version, there'll be a link on the screen here, where you can click and download a printable sheet. Print it up, stick it next to your desk, and it will kind of help you speed along, and it looks awesome, so go do that.

The other thing before we move on, is reviews. It's a bit early, asking for reviews, but if you liked the course, you liked the style at any stage, drop a review, because reviews, likes, shares, those types of things is how a lot of the platforms, where I distribute my courses, that's how they decide how good they are, and how well they rank, and the more reviews I get the better I display, and the more clients I get, and the better I do. You don't have to, but if you do find the course useful, jump in there, give me a review, that will be lovely.

All right, that's it, let's get on to the rest of the course.