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Saving for older versions of Microsoft Word and saving PDF files and Printing

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 9 of 52

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Hey, in this video it's going to be nice and easy one. We're going to look at saving for an older version of Word. We're going to look at saving as a PDF, and printing. So, to save for an older version of Word-- Let's say we're sending it to somebody that has a very old version, The version we've sent them is not working, so what we can do is, we can go up there, click on 'File', 'Save As', and where am I going to save it to? I'm going to save it to my 'PC'. Where else it might save in to? It might save in to-- I'm going to put 'Browse'. I'm going to put in this specific spot, I'm going to stick mine into my 'Desktop', so I know where it's going. 

Down the bottom here, where it says 'Save as type', I'll drop this down, and you can see, here's a bunch of different options. So, we're going to cut to the chase. There is the one that we're using at the moment, but then there's some older versions, 2003, and 97, so you can decide which of these you want to use. It's probably that one there, it will get you out of most of your troubles. 

There are some features that won't work if you're doing some fancy interactive documents and fonts, that's probably not going to work on the older versions, but everything we've done so far will.

While we're here though, hey, there's PDF. So I can save this thing as a PDF as well. If you're sending a PDF with lots of images in it, what you might do is, you might save it in-- let's say it's really big in terms of file size, there's an option in here that says 'Minimum size', and that will just cut it down, the quality won't be as good in terms of the images. It will look fine on a screen, but maybe not in print as well, but at least it might be an email-able size now. I'm going to leave mine at 'Standard'. Let's click 'Save'. Hopefully now, on my lovely desktop, and there he is there. There is my PDF file. And that, I can dump into an email, and send off, it's nice and small in terms of file size. So that's how to 'Save As' all the Word files and PDFs. Let's jump back into Word, and look at printing.

There's nothing fancy about this. What we can do is, we can go to 'File', and there's an option in here that says 'Print', and in my case it's picked up my office printer, and I can just hit 'Print'. There's some basic things down here in terms of the page sizes. And you can change the different printer that it will go to in here. What you can also do is, by default there's the Microsoft Print PDF. It doesn't really matter whether you use this, or the 'Save As PDF’, you end up at the same place. So both do the same. Hit 'Print', and away I go. So that's saving for all the versions, PDFs, and hitting 'Print'.

Let's get on to our next project in which we're going to create our full page business newsletter, with a lot more details when we get into Microsoft Word. All right, I'll see you in that one.