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How to add images to Microsoft Word

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In this video we're going to look at inserting images into Word. We'll also look at some slightly more advanced stuff, so we'll look at just putting in a nice basic logo in here. We'll also look at, say an image like this, where he has the ability to move around wherever he likes, and not be kind of stuck down into the text. So let's go and do that in Microsoft Word.

To insert an image anywhere in your document, we're going to have your cursor flashing where you want it to go, so I'm going to put a return in just above my text, I'm going to move my cursor up, so there he is, flashing. Then I'm going to go to my 'Insert' panel, then I'm going to go along to where it says 'Pictures'. Click on 'Pictures', it's going to open up my browser, and I'm going to go and find it. If you know what it's called you can just put it in 'Search' here. Now, by default it jumps into 'Pictures'. Let's see if we can find it here. If yours is in here, job done. If it's somewhere else in the document-- I know that mine's on the 'Desktop', and mine's in the 'Word Exercise Files', and there's the logos that I've got.

Now if you've got a logo, and you know it's in there, but you can't see it, it's probably because it's a format that Word can't use. You can't use things like EPSs, and AI files, and PSTs. So, if it's there you know it's there, but you can't see it, it's probably a format you can't use. To know it's there, go to 'All Pictures', 'All Files', and these are all the files that are in here, but what Word does is, it just cuts it down to pictures that you can use. Thank you, Word.

I'm going to use the 'BYOL logo' in here, and I click 'Insert', it's put it in at an appropriate size, which is great. If yours comes in as an abnormal size you might have to grab the corners and shrink it down. To shrink it down, don't use these edge ones. So if I use this edge one, look, I can shrink it down, but it kind of squishes it. So what you need to do is, just use any of these corners, doesn't matter which one you use. These ones over here, these ones, I can just grab the corner, and I kind of have to drag it in at an angle, it's a bit weird, I understand, but you can drag it. If it flips upside down, give it a nice little go till it gets up the right way. If you're finding it really hard to resize, you can see, up the top here, there's a 'Height' and a 'Width'. So 'Format', we've clicked on that image with 'Format' and over here we've got 'Height' and 'Width'. You might decide, actually I'm just going to shrink this down to, say '2 inches', it's more of an appropriate size in there now.

So, that's putting in an image, just kind of normally, it's not very exciting, and he kind of moves along with the box that he's inside. What I'd like to do now is insert an image, And let him be like a lone wolf, to kind of be able to roam around the page, wherever he likes, because by default if I put in an image, let's say, put in an image at the end of this paragraph here, I'm going to put him in. 'Insert', 'Image', I'll use a random image, just for an example, that's him. You'll notice that he goes up and down depending on where the type is, which is kind of cool. What I'd like to do is, with him selected, I want to kind of just drag him so he's kind of hanging off the edge here rather than tucked in by the margins. To do it, select the image, there's this option in here, and it says-- the one I want is this one here, 'Text Behind', or it could be 'In Front', doesn't matter, either of these two options is going to give us the desired result, watch this. 

So the text kind of flows over the top of it, or you could have it in front of it, but what happens is, if I grab the edge now, can you see, he's just kind of like the dude that I can move around and do whatever I want with, and that's how you kind of detach him from being stuck in the text. You need to keep an eye up on this anchor still, because if I delete this anchor the image is going to release, so we need somewhere in the document to be held on to. That's how to get an image to detach from text, and get him to move around by himself.

All right, that's it for this video. Let's go in to the next one.