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Tip no. 1; I've styled my first heading, but I've got to apply it to this really long document, click anywhere in the heading, go 'Control Shift C', click anywhere in the headings you want it to go to, 'Control Shift V'. Super easy to apply it to lots of different things as you're working through a document. Thank you, Microsoft Word, you're awesome!

Tip no. 2; I've got a PDF, it can't be opened, it's all fixed, or can it. I can right click it, go to 'Open with', 'Microsoft Word', Microsoft Word's going to say, 'Would you like to convert it into a Word document?', you say, no way, yes way. And now, all the text is fully editable, and when you're finished, you can hit 'Save', and decide to keep it as a Word document, or back out as a PDF. Thank you, Word.

Tip no.3; I've designed a cover page, I've done my contents page, and I'm about to style my body copy. I don't have the copy yet, so I want some place holder text, so instead of going out to - we all love that site - we're going to go equals, and we're going to type in lorem, and in these brackets here we're going to type in how many paragraphs we want, I want 150, '=lorem(150)’. At the end here, hit 'return', holy Molly, easy peasy, mixed up latin words that I can use as place holder text until I get my real copy. Great, on to the next tip.

Tip no. 4; I want this price, and I want this price, so I try and drag across them both, but it grabs everything in between. What if there was a way I could do random selections? Watch this. Select the first one, hold down 'Control Shift', and then click this other one, look at that. And maybe just this one for fun. Hit 'Copy', 'New Document', and you can see, it just brings through the bits I had selected. Great tip. Next one, please.

Working on a document like this newsletter, and the file size is really big, so you got lots of images in it. We want to lower the file size of this Word document, we can do that by clicking any one of the images, go up to 'Format',  then there's this option that says 'Compress Pictures'. Now, untick the one that says 'Apply to just this picture', I'm going to get it to apply to all the pictures, and I pick a size, I'm going to go down to 'email size', click 'OK', hit 'Save', and check your file size, it will be a lot smaller. On to the next tip.

Tip no. 6; this one is to do with measurements, especially when you're dealing with Imperial and Metric changes all the time, like I am. I know that this box here needs to be 9cms high, but if I look under 'Format', I can see that it's in inches, and I have no idea what the conversion rate is, but what I can do is, select the inches here, type in '9cm', and I can click out anywhere, can you see, it does the conversion for me. It's now converted it into the exact inches measurement. You can do the exact same thing with pixels or points, and it's not just to do with height and width, any box in Word that has any sort of measurements you can just type it in, and it will convert it for you. Thanks Microsoft.

The last tip, and this one is how to change the font size. If I select this heading here, I can hit 'Control Shift', and then full stop, '.' to make it bigger, and comma, ',' to make it smaller. 'Control B' makes it bold, 'Control I' makes it italics. 

All right, that is the end of our Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word.