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Adding and cropping images in Microsoft Word 2016

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Hi there, in this tutorial we're going to look at cropping an image in Microsoft Word. We're going to be doing something like this, we'll bring in a large image, then crop it down to look something like this. All right, let's go do it.

First up, we're going to put a 'return' just above our text at the top here, I want my image to sit just above this. Inserting an image is easy; go to the 'Insert' panel, along here there's one called 'Pictures', and what we need to do is, we need to find on our 'Desktop', there's 'Word Exercise Files', under '02 Newsletter', there's one in there called 'Newsletter - Cover Image', bring him in. 

When you bring in an image it will try and expand to fit this space provided, and in our case it's the edge of this column here, or the page width. You can make it bigger by grabbing the corners, easy. I'm making it smaller as well, and I 'undo'. 

When you are resizing, make sure you use any of the corners. Corners are fine, doesn't matter which corner you use, it expands nicely. If you start using these edges here, any of these edges, these are bad. Why? Watch this. If I drag him in, squished image. You could fix it up by trying to do this, but I see so many images and logos, all distorted, and it drives me mad. So, I'm going to 'undo' that. Just make sure you're using these corners here.

Next thing we're going to do is, we're going to look at cropping this image. Cropping is easy. You might be on 'Insert' still, you got to drop to this one that says 'Format'. So with the image selected, you'll see this little option, which says 'Format', and there's a bunch of stuff in here. The one I want is way down the end here. Yours might look slightly different, yours might be bunched up in different icons, but keep an eye out for the one called 'Crop'. These little things appear in the side. All we need to do now is-- before I said, you could not use the side, now you can use the sides. It's going to do all you want. It's going to trim that in there.

So I'm going to crop it in that one, you might be just trimming off, like little bits, or-- it's up to you how you want to work it. You can also move the center of it, this side, where this is going to be cropped. So I'm going to have mine, kind of somewhere like that. When you're finished, click 'return' on your keyboard, and that confirms it. So I'm going to click' it now, and drag it, so it's kind of   full width of this column. I'm just trying to align it up with this. Nice big graphic at the top. There's a 'return' up here I want to delete, just so it looks all nice in the corners there.

All right, that's how to crop an image.