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Sharing Word 2016 documents with others

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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at sharing our Word document. Now, let's say the situation is, I've finished this Word document, I need to send it to somebody, either for amends, or just to send it to them just because I'm finished, and there's a couple of ways of doing it. 

I could just close down Word, and use, say Outlook, or gmail, and just attach the file, and send it to them, and that works, but there's some other options for sharing a document that we'll look at now. 

We go to 'File' along the top here, we're going to go to 'Share', and the one I just described, where I said just email it, you can kind of save some time here by going 'Share', 'Email', 'Send as Attachment', and that's really good if you're just dealing with one person, I’m sending it to my rep, "Here you go, I've finished it, you can start using it now." When that technique kind of falls down, is when I need to send it to 10 people, “Here you go, office, what does everybody think?” And this is where 'Share with People' becomes handy. 

If I click on 'Share with People', it's going to save it to something called my OneDrive. OneDrive is some alternative for Dropbox, if you've used that before, if you've never used any of those, it's just an online storage hard drive, and what that does is, if I save it to that - they call it 'Save to Cloud' - it's that, I save it to this online hard drive, and then I can link to all those 10 people, and I say, "Have a look." The cool thing about it is that, say if they're adding comments, it means that they’re all adding comments to this same file, and it means that if there's a big glaring spelling mistake right at the beginning, it's not 10 people warning me of the spelling mistake, the next person that opens that up will see the other person’s comments, and say, "Okay, they've already covered that," and a bit of a conversation can go. If you start sending it to 10 people via email, obviously you're going to have 10 separate versions, none are going to link up, and you're going to have lots of work to do. 

So, 'Share with People' is a nice handy one. Your OneDrive is free, well it's part of your Microsoft 2016 license. I'm going to click 'Save', and when you get here, click on 'OneDrive'. So I'm going to save it to this OneDrive, and I'm going to give it a name, 'Promo Document', I'm going to hit 'Save'. Some stuff happens, and then this thing appears over here eventually. Sharing with people... I'm going to go, 'Share with People'... Who am I going to share with? I'm going to type in some email addresses here. You might have a bigger company, and you might have a list of them in here, you can just click on them. In my case I'm just going to click on-- I'm going to add, to '[email protected]', and I'm going to share with him. The cool thing about it is I can decide, does he edit, or can he just view? When he's just viewing he can add comments, but he can't go and change the text, which is quite cool. Send him a message, hit 'Share', and Tayla will get a link to this file, and he'll be able to add their comments. And we can do that to more sets of people.

One of the last options in this 'Share' option in here was this one here, you might not have this option, I’ve got it because I've got Adobe Acrobat installed on my machine, so this appears. If you don't have it, don't sweat it, but this one here is kind of useful as well. It's doing the exact same thing we just described where you send it as an email attachment for comments, this is just sending a PDF version that you can allow people to add comments to. Very similar option, but PDF rather than a Word doc.

All right, that is how you share documents in Microsoft Word.