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How to change heading 1 style Microsoft Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 21 of 52

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In this video tutorial we're going to look at how to create a heading style 1, and you can see up here I've made it to be my default, so I get to select things, and apply it easily. Let's go and do that now.

First, let's go and style our headings. All our headings are going to be these things already in, I’ll pick and paste to make it easier for you to find. With it selected, you can use, under 'Home', or you can see if you can kind of highlight stuff. You get many options, I'm going to use our new one called 'Scope One'. I'm to make this size up to '14', actually, maybe even a little bigger, '16'. I want to play around with a few things. I want to make it our ‘color’, we can force 'Bold' on top of it, but I'm going to pick a color, I'm going to use the 'green' that we've been using, and I'm going to make it even bigger, because I can't help myself. I'm going to play around with the 'space between lines', I'm going to set it to '0', and the 'space after' there, it's going to work for me. 

So, we've set the font, the size, we want this to be our heading. Our default heading up here, looks like that, so I'm going to 'undo'. What I'd like to do is update the 'Heading 1', and all that you need to do is, with it selected, right click, 'Heading 1', and say, 'Update Heading 1 to Match Selection'. So now, that is the style for heading 1. 

I can highlight this guy, and go to 'Heading 1', highlight this guy, 'Heading 1'. Awesome! So that's the way to reset your heading 1 style, you can do that for any of these styles in here, just highlight it, and right click them.

Now, to speed this up, say you got a long document like mine, instead of having to click all of that and find it up here,  you can hit 'Control Alt', and then '1' is for heading 1, '2' is for heading 2. Just going through, selecting it, finding my headings, and oh, only 2 more, but 'Control Alt 1' will get that heading 1 put in there, nice and automatic.

Next thing we're going to do is we’re going to code a new one, and we'll do that in the next video tutorial, so let's go and do that now.