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How to use track changes in Microsoft Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 43 of 52

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Hello wonderful people, in this tutorial we're going to look at doing track changes, where you get these crazy lines, where things have been deleted, and other things have been added, so we're going to tidy this up, make it look really easy to use, and track our changes. 

So the scenario is, me, Daniel Scott has drafted up this time-table, and I need to send it to one of my colleagues, Emma, and I want Emma to be able to go through, check it, and make sure it's right, and offer any kind of corrections, but what I'd like to happen is, I'd like to track what's going on, what changes she makes, so that I can agree, or at least just be aware of what's being changed. 

To do that, we need to turn it on first, so we need to go to 'Review', and we need to click this button that says 'Track Changes'. Nothing really happens except that it's recording now. Now I 'save' this, I email it to her, and ask her to send it back to me once she's finished.

Now, let's say that I'm Emma now, and I go in here, and I notice that it's a full stop instead of a semi colon, just a little thing. I think we should probably be more specific up here. I want to use Bangkok rather than Thailand. You'll notice that while I'm working, on the side here there's these little track changes here, these little kind of colored bars, this is what I call simple markup, and it's probably the best way to work, because the other option is to work in 'All Markup'. It starts getting really confusing quite quickly. This one's not too bad, because I've just done some simple changes, but it can get pretty crazy looking after a while, so simple markup's great, and what happens is, Emma can click on this, and check, you can see, those lines kind of turns on and off real quickly.

So she makes the changes, she saves it, sends it back to me, I open the document, it looks like this, and I can go up to here and look at it differently, I can decide-- actually I just want to see all markup because what I want to do is check what she's changed, I can see she's deleted Thailand, and gone to Bangkok, and I can say I accept that one, this one down here. Now if you aren't sure which one it’s at you can use this, 'Next' and 'Previous', you can kind of see my cursor highlighting this, 'Next', 'Previous'... So I'm at this one here, I'm going to say 'Accept', I agree, this one I agree, and the deleting of that, yes I accept, there's nothing more to check. You can obviously reject, and say no, I'm going to leave that as it was.

When you're finished, my advice when you are finished with a document, and you don't need to track changes anymore, turn that off because things can get messy if people open the document, and there are all markups on, and there's all sorts of junk everywhere.

That is how to track changes in Microsoft Word. Let's get on to our next video.