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Creating a company template in Word 2016 using Style Sets

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 27 of 52

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In this video what I want to do is to be able to paste something, it comes through with the wrong formatting from the existing document, but we have to click on it anywhere and say, "Bam, you're the right font, you're the right size, you're the right colors." So, let's go and do that, and we're going to set something called a style set.

The first thing I need to do is to create a style set. I'm going to go through, and at the moment, you can see, my title up here is set to this giant stencil purple font, I want to go and change that to the one that I want consistently across my documents. I'm going to select it up, and I'm going to go through, and-- our company font is going to be this 'Tw Cen MT Condensed', and it's not going to be this purple, I'm going to use this corporate kind of green color. Now, if you want to know how to update your default font colors, you can check on an earlier video, I've gone through on how to do that. 

So, we've picked up green, we've got the right size, '28', that's great, but you can still see up here that the title is set to that stencil purple, so what I'm going to do is, I'm going to right click it, and say 'Update Title to Match Selection'. You'll see now, this is lovely 'TW Cen', and that means that I can go through and say, "You're the title," makes it easy to update. 

Next thing I want to do is maybe update my body copy, or my-- it's called 'Normal', so I've got it selected, it's defaulted to 'Calibri'. Our company uses 'Arial', and we're going to use '10' points, that's our default. And you can go and make any adjustments, the space before, the leading, any of that sort of stuff, you can make the adjustment now, and when you're happy with it, and you’ve got it selected, right click 'Normal' just like we did the title, and say 'Update Normal to Match Selection'. You'll see that's gone through my whole document, and everything else, because these all had 'Normal' applied to it, they've gone and updated it. 

Same with my 'Heading 1', I select it, I pick the font that we're going to be using, which is going to be 'TW Cen', the font needs to be a bit bigger, it's going to be '22', and it's going to be not red, it's going to be a different red, my kind of corporate red, it's a bit more washed out. So now I need to right click it, and 'Update'. I've gone and done that now, so I need to save this as a style set, and to do that we go to this one called 'Design'. That's the style set I've got at the moment, this is the one for this document, but what I can do is I can right click it and say 'Save' it. I'm going to give it a name, I'm going to call this one 'BYOL Style Set', give it any name you like, you can share these with people, you can go and find it, it's under this-- you kind of see this formatting here. It’s under 'Quick Style', you might have to do a search for it, and share with people. I'm going to click 'Save'.

The cool thing about that now is that if I've got a new document, and I paste in some text, I can-- you don't have to do anything really-- it brought through all the wrong formatting. All I need to do is go to 'Design', and go to this one, my second style set here called 'BYOL Quick Style Set', and it's gone and adjusted the titles, and it's gone and adjusted the headings. It's given me consistency across this whole document. 

Let's say now that I want to go and update that consistent style. So I've decided that-- actually, after a bit of use we've decided that the title needs to be a bit bigger, so instead of '28' we're going to use something like '48'. And that's going to be my heading size. So, we need to do two things, we need to update this title because that's the smaller font here, if I right click it and say 'Update', you can see, it's now the bigger version, and now we need to save this style set again. All we need to do is go to 'Design', right click this first 'Style Set' option, go to 'Save', and just give it the same name, so I'm going to click on 'BYOL Style Set', click 'Save', say 'Yes', and it means now, if I go through and create a document, it's going to use this new style, which is great. 

Say I've got existing documents, so I'm going to jump to that I've already got. It's using these smaller font size, you can see, it doesn't update automatically. What I need to do is go through and click it again. It means that it's not going to run through all your documents and automatically update them, you just have to click on the one called 'BYOL Style Set', often it's still the second one in, just hover above them, they give the different names, and that's how to update your style sets across Word.

So, to finish off, we're going to create a new document, and we're going to paste in our text, and it comes through as the wrong formatting, and all we need to do now is go to 'Design', click on our 'BYOL Style Set', and life is good and consistent.

All right, I'll see you in the next video.