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Creating an infographic or flowchart or diagram in Word 2016 - Smart Art

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 38 of 52

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Hello wonderful people, in this video we're going to look at creating diagrams and flow charts, and any sort of info-graphic style thing you might want to make. Now Word calls this Smart Art, and Smart Art is awesome, and we're going to go off and learn it now. Let's go do it.

I'm going to put mine on page 4 here, I've got a bit of space. I'm going to go to 'Insert', I'm looking for this one called 'Smart Art'. Now we're not going to every single option here because there are lots, and the cool thing about them is they're really easy to use, and quite adjustable, some lovely things to it. These lists, cycles, and all sort of stuff, we're going to look as-- I’m going to use these relationships ones, and we're going to be using this particular one. Why? I don’t know, I just like it because-- Which one? This one here. So 'Basic Radial', click 'OK'. We've just got-- it's going to be helping us do the hierarchy of BYOL, all the different components to it. 

You can make it bigger by dragging these edges, mine's going to fit within this column here. It's very easy to edit, you can either double click on them and start typing, this is 'BYOL', you see this size starts adjusting. We've got a Spanish version, or you can edit the text by this little pop up here on the left, I find this is pretty easier. 

There's one in Ireland, there's one in, oops. You can hit 'Tab', I just hit 'Tab' on it and it added the tabs within there, I'm going to 'undo' that. 'BYOL', and this one in, where's this one, there's one in Australia, and then there's one in, an online version. And that center one there, this is-

Now let's say-- let's do a couple of things, so I'm going to close that down. Let's say I want to change the colors, the colors are very easy, you got 'Design' and 'Format', so 'Design' is the shape, you can decide on different ways of displaying it, and there are lots, you can shuffle through in terms of this relationship one. I'm going to go back to the one that I had. There's this particular style, that's the flat one, you can see, you got a full Nav 3D, you might like it. 

Under 'Format' though, this is where we get to change it. Now if you’ve got the whole thing selected, I’m going to pick up ‘Shape Fill’, picks the whole thing in color, what we want to do is pick on one of these little guys, and say, maybe just this guy is red. Click on him. So you can click on them individually and change the colors if you like.

Now, what I want to do is-- that’s how to style it, and let's say we want to add some more features, so with 'Design' there is 'Add Shape', so if I click on 'Add Shape', I'm going to add this one, you can see I've got a fifth option, and I can go into here, and I can say, this one's BYOL-- I don't know, where else do we have something-- Aah, New Zealand. Of course, we do.

You can change the order of them by having this one selected here, and you can see I can move this one up, you can start shifting them around, bring them down, depending on where you want it to go.

Another nice thing we can do is that, we got that kind of a quite orderly, now all these Smart Art graphics-- watch this, if I start moving these things around, I can start adjusting these to, maybe New Zealand, Australia ones need to be kind of there, and the online goes over here by itself, and these two in Europe, so all of these Smart Art graphs, doesn't matter which one you're using, all really, really customizable. I love Smart Art, and hopefully you will too.

All right, that's going to be it for Smart Art, let's get on to the next video.