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Adding Hyperlinks and turning off automatic Hyperlink in Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 45 of 52

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Hi there, in this video we're going to show you how to make links that will jump out to website, and how to style them so they're not blue and underlined, but also work through how to add links when they jump out to an email address, like this one, and also, the lovely thing, we're going to turn off when you hit, and hit return, it's not going to automatically convert it into a hyperlink, we're going to disable that. Let's go and do that in this tutorial.

First up, we're going to bring in some text, we're going to 'File', 'Open', and if you've downloaded the exercise files, that should be on your 'Desktop', 'Exercise Files', I'm using this one called '05 Interactive', my 'Product Information'. 

What I want is, I want—we’ve used this already on the cover, and I grab these, if you don't have the files, there'll be a link on the screen here somewhere to download them. So I'm going to copy all of this, and I'm going to bring it into my document, I'm going to paste it in. 

There's a couple of things we want to do; there's some text here that already has the url, or website address, so we're going to put in our hyperlink, so we're going to right click it, sorry, select it, and then go along to 'Insert', and in the middle here is our kind of like interactive links stuff. So we’re going to click on 'Hyperlink', which just means it’s going to link to a website. Where are we going to link it to? To an 'Existing File or Web Page', that's not what we want, display text as, and this is the address, great!

So this is where you can type in, sometimes, 'http://', so just copy and paste that from the website. If you've got a more complicated one, you might have on the site, but actually - I want to display text as just this - but actually link to maybe something really long in here, might be under here, maybe 'inkling', and it might have all these other bits and pieces. Looks nice under display text, but you have just have this ugly url down the bottom here. I'll click 'OK', and we get our lovely styling, you can decide on how to style this, select it, go to 'Home', and decide, actually I just want this 'black' again, and I will remove the underline by clicking the 'underline' option. It will still be a hyperlink, you will still be able to click it, and it will still work when we do an interactive PDF in the next video. 

So the next thing we'll look at is adding an email address, so I'm going to select this guy, and I'm going to go back to 'Insert', and I go 'Hyperlink', there's an option in here, it says 'E-mail address', and we have email address here, let's type in 'sales', just leave the ‘mailto’ at the beginning there, and ''. I probably don't want ‘mailto’ to display, bumped out there, but that's required in the kind of code side of things. 'Subject' line, so when people click on this, it's going to pre-fill in the subject line, so what this is going to be is, it's going to be 'Order Inquiry'. I'm going to click 'OK'.  Same sort of thing, I can restyle it, but when that's clicked it's going to open up my email, either gmail, or Outlook, whatever I happen to be using on my machine. So that's hyperlinks, and how to do emails. 

The last thing I'd like to do is, a really annoying thing that people have is, when you start typing in an email address, say you start typing in mine, '', you hit return, and you get the blue underline, and it does a hyperlink automatically. I really don't like that. So what I want to do is, I've undone that, I'm going to turn that off by default. And you do that by going to 'File', go along to 'Options', go to 'Proofing', and then this one here called 'Auto Correct Options', and in here the one we don't want is 'Internet and network paths'. Click 'OK'. It means, now when I type in my web address, '', put 'return' in, yes, it doesn't force in a hyperlink. I can edit myself later on if I like, but it's not making everything blue, and underlined.

All right, that is how to work with hyperlinks in Word 2016.