Microsoft Word 2016 Bootcamp - Zero to Hero Training

What’s next after learning Microsoft Word 2016

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 51 of 52

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So, what do we do next? Next thing you could do is, I'd love to see some of the projects you're working on. So, screenshots, leave that in the comments, post it in the project section, depending on where you're watching this video. 

The other thing is, if you liked it, leave a review, they really help me out. 

The next, in terms of maybe your professional development, Word is an amazing product, I love it, there's amazing things you can do, but it is limited in terms of the grand scheme, or grand things like graphic design and desktop publishing. The next step up from this one, its big brother is something called Adobe InDesign, go check that out. I've got a course specifically for Adobe InDesign, of course. That's the kind of next leap from Word.

What you also might do as your kind of creative development would be something like Excel. Excel can be scary, I've got a course on that as well, but yes, kind of got a demystified version of that, kind of like day-to-day product use of Excel for normal people. So, you might check that one out as well.

All right, this is nearly it, nearly the end, just the cheat sheet, and we'll be done.