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Adding Maps & Calendars To Interactive Documents In InDesign CC

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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at Embed codes. Basically in this one, we're going to look at maps. You can see, I've got a page, it's in Publish Online and look, it's fully interactive. Cool, huh!

So let's look at how to do that now in Adobe InDesign. First thing to do is, I'm on Page A, don't want to make a new page. Not going to worry about the transitions. This is where I'm going to paste my map. So, to get the code that we need, we're going to jump to Google Maps. Find the place, I found-- this just happens to be the place below my office, because my office doesn't have a pin in Google Map, so I just picked him. This is where I get my lunch, so I had lunch today.

Information you did not need to know, or you do need to know, is click on 'Share', and click on this one that says 'Embed Map'. Now I'm going to pick the 'Large' size map. And I'm going to select all this code in here, and hit copy on my keyboard. So 'Command C', or 'Control C' on a PC. Back in here, I'm going to go to 'Object', and I'm going to going to 'Insert HTML'. I'll 'paste' it in there, click 'OK'. I'll drag it up here. I'll make it nice and big, give it a second. Hopefully… now it loads. You need to be connected to the net, this may take a while. One, two, three… I'll speed this up. I give up, just waiting for it to work.

I'm going to click on 'EPUB Interactivity', hit 'Play', and hope for the best. We got a tiny map, there it is there, we can see him. So, when I'm dragging this out, so it was there, that little gray dot there. So when I drag it out, I need to hold down the 'Command Shift' key, just to make it bigger. Maybe just the 'Command' key to resize it. Now, hopefully…

Let's go to 'EPUB Interactivity'. Hit 'Play'. There's my map. Don't worry if it doesn't load properly in InDesign. It's where the red appears here in EPUB, or double check in your Publish Online. That can be a little tricky sometimes, getting the right sizes, and getting it in. So, to resize it properly, hold down the 'Command' key rather than you just dragging the edges of it, because it stays in that little box there. So hold down 'Command Shift' if you want to do it proportionately squared, then check in here, hit 'Play', it's going to be a slightly different size now. So that is how to embed a map on your Publish Online document.

Now if you can find anything that has an embed code like a Twitter feed, or a Facebook feed, you can embed that as well. Google Calendars has a way to embed on sites. So depending on what you're using, have a look, see if it has an Embed. I know Eventbrite Ticketing does it there. I think PayPal has PayPal buttons that can be embedded. There's all sorts of things that can go into your Publish Online document by just copying and pasting the embed code, that's the key word, look for that. All right, next video.