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Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training

What To Do Once You’ve Finished Your Advanced InDesign CC Training Course

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 74 of 74

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Hey, you made it to the end. Well done. Not many people invest in their selves this much. Especially with something like Advanced, okay, you might be a capable user, but I'm hoping that this course is going to give you those little tricks and tips just to go a bit faster and get more out of your time.

In terms of next steps, InDesign is no-- there's nothing really asked to go from here. There's some more kind of, like nichey things to look at, but InDesign , working out, this is advanced stuff here.

In terms of other advanced courses you might look at Photoshop or Illustrator. Now, I'm working on those courses at the moment. At the time of this filming, they're not finished, but Advanced Photoshop and Advanced Illustrator are definitely on my plan for the next kind of eight months. Check, they might be ready already.

The other thing you might do is-- what other things you could do? It might be animating some of these graphics, so you might be a capable Graphic Designer, maybe Motion Graphics might be the next step for you. I've got lots of courses with After Effects for animating Motion Graphics, so check those out. You also might look at, maybe at some UI design. UI design, just basically Web and App design, the graphic side of it. I've got courses with-- UI Design with Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. So check out any of those ones.

You might also check out, maybe some fun end Web Design. Not just design side, or the UI side, the actual building of the site. I've got some HTML, and CSS building courses using Dreamweaver, so you might check those out.

And now will be the time for a review. If you've enjoyed this class, or my style, leave me a review. Reviews really help me rank, and do well with courses, and lets me continue being a full time trainer, which I really enjoy. All right, this is the end. The awkward bit, I wave for a while, then we finish up then, that's it, we're done. Hopefully, I'll see you in another course. I'll keep waving. Bye.