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How To Pick Beautiful Font Pairings In Adobe InDesign CC

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 9 of 74

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In this video, we're going to look at Font Pairing. Basically just two fonts, the Heading, the Body Copy, they work well together, they're different fonts, we're going to work with Typekit font pairings, and Google font pairings. Just to break out of using the exact same fonts over and over again we'll give you some tools to go find some nice new stuff.

So let's say you are like me and you end up using the same two fonts for everything. You just need to kind of escape that. Or say you are a little bit new to InDesign and you just want to know what looks good together. Easiest way is using the term called Font Parings. So just go to Google, and type in 'Font pairings'. And decide on, like I'm going to use Typekit. The cool thing about this is, I just switched to Images and this gives you an idea-- because we've used Typekit it's going to be fonts you'll have access to, you don't have to go off and try work out what the font is. You can just go through here and let's click on any of these ones. And you can start to see this person here, this is just a really nice way of kind of looking at it, and going "Actually, I like that combination." "I think I like this one."

So you can go into Typekit now, download Gibson and whatever that one's called, and start using it in your designs. So that's a nice easy one. You can do the exact same thing obviously for Google fonts. Nice kind of pairings. You can find something you like. I like that. Just Open Sans Condensed, and Lora as the Body copy.

Now another really cool place is something called What you can do is come down here and look at Typekit pairings. Click on it. Now the one thing you have to do is you have to wait a long time for this page to load because there's so many fonts, fonts on a website take a long time to load. You need to give this, literally walk away and give it like one to five minutes to load. It would just load with probably Times New Roman, and till it's downloaded the font, you'll be like, "No, it's not really good," but now what you can do is you can kind of see a really nice version of all of these as well. The Typekit fonts, sort of same thing as looking at the images, but it gives you actually direct links to these font Typekit. Just some really nice stuff in here as well.

So that is Font Pairing. So that Dan does not keep using Museo, and Roboto, and Lust over and over again.