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Setting The Default Font Size For New Documents Adobe InDesign

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So every time you draw a new text box, Type tool, draw a text box, it defaults to Myriad Pro, 12 points. With no space after, and hyphenation turned on by default. I never use Myriad Pro, and I'm never at 12 points. So how do we change the defaults?

Trick is, just close down the document you have open, so you got nothing open. You need to switch from this kind of 'Start' work space at the top here to any of these other ones, maybe use 'Essentials'. Make sure you're on your Type tool. And any changes you make up here now will be the default for any new documents.

So let's say, most of my work gets done in Roboto. So I'm going to pick Roboto Lite. And it's going to be 10 points. And in paragraph, down here, I want to turn hyphenation off. I dislike hyphenation, and I'm sick of turning it off. With that done, if I open up a new document now, I'll have this plain old empty document. Grab my Type tool, grab the Type box, fiddle with Place Holder text. And it's Roboto Lite, and it's10 points. And there's no hyphens.

Thank you very much, InDesign, and goodbye, Myriad. All right, next font feature.