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Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training

Finding Great Colours Using Adobe Color For Use In Adobe InDesign CC

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 14 of 74

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So the next color treat we'll look at is this one here which is You might have used it before. If you haven't, you'll know that 'Create' creates. Interesting. I like 'Explore'. And it just allows me to look at colors, just nice mixes of colors, nice five color swatches for a project. I definitely have the habit of using the exact same colors for every single project. So this is a way of me starting a new job, starting on a new client and going, "Actually, I'm going to do something different."

At the top here, you can play around with 'Most Popular' this month, or 'All Time', and you can decide, "Oh man, I'm liking this one." And you can either download it, there is an asc file, and load it using the same method we just used to load Google and Fedex. Or you can just-- this one's easy. As long as you're logged in, you can see my smiley face there. I'm logged into, and I can click on 'Save', and it will say-- actually I want to load this into Maynooth Furniture. Hit 'Save', and hopefully, in a second it will appear in Maynooth Furniture. Let's have a little look, there he is there. And I can start using it. That is I am going to delete this, because I don't actually want it. Good bye.